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Extract Based Questions of Footprints Without Feet, Chapter 5, Class 10, English

MCQ of Footprints Without Feet, Multiple Choice Questions of Footprints Without Feet


After going through the MCQs of A Triumph of Surgery, The Thief’s Story, from the First book and A Letter to God, Nelson Mandela, Two Stories about Flying, From the Diary of Anne Frank, The Hundred Dresses Part 1, The Hundred Dresses Part 2 and Dust of Snow, Fire and Ice, A Tiger in the Zoo and The Ball from the Second book, it’s the time to have a look at the MCQs of another chapter. These MCQs have been created keeping the upcoming MCQ-Based pattern in mind. Students are advised to go through them carefully for better understanding of the chapter.

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Extract 1

Further footprints followed, one after another, descending the steps and progressing down the street. The boys followed, fascinated, until the muddy impressions became fainter and fainter, and at last disappeared altogether. The explanation of the mystery was really simple enough. The bewildered boys had been following a scientist who had just discovered how to make the human body transparent.

a) Name the chapter

1) A Triumph of Surgery

2) The Thief’s Story

3) Footprints Without Feet

4) Fire and Ice

b) Who is the author of Footprints Without Feet?
1) Ruskin Bond
2) James Herriot
3) H.G. Wells
4) A.J. Cronin

c) Who is being referred to scientist in this extract?
1) Kemp
2) Griffin
3) Bobby Jaffers
4) Mr. Hall

d) Which literary device has been used in ‘Bewildered boys’?
1) Simile
2) Metaphor
3) Personification
4) Alliteration


a. Footprints Without Feet b. H.G. Wells c. Griffin d. Alliteration

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Extract 2

Brilliant scientist though he was, Griffin was rather a lawless person. His landlord disliked him and tried to eject him. In revenge Griffin set fire to the house. To get away without being seen he had to remove his clothes. Thus it was that he became a homeless wanderer, without clothes, without money, and quite invisible until he happened to step in some mud, and left footprints as he walked!

a) How did Griffin revenge upon his landlord?
1) Setting his home ablaze
2) Setting fire to his home
3) Burning down his home
4) All of these

b) What does the word ‘Wanderer’?
1) One who roams with a reason
2) One who roams aimlessly
3) One who eats aimlessly
4) None of these

c) How did Griffin make himself invisible?
1) By removing his hat
2) By removing his goggles
3) By removing his clothes
4) None of these

d) What does the phrasal verb ‘Get away’ mean?
1) To laugh
2) To escape
3) To accept
4) To reject


a. All of these b. One who roams aimlessly c. By removing his clothes d. To escape


Extract 3

Closing time arrived, and as soon as the doors were shut Griffin was able to give himself the pleasure of clothing and feeding himself without regard to expense. He broke open boxes and wrappers and fitted himself out with warm clothes. Soon, with shoes, an overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat, he became a fully dressed and visible person. In the kitchen of the restaurant he found cold meat and coffee, and he followed up the meal with sweets and wine taken from the grocery store. Finally he settled down to sleep on a pile of quilts.

a) How did Griffin make himself visible?
1) Wearing a dress
2) Eating a lot
3) Sleeping a lot
4) All of these

b) What did Griffin manage to eat at a departmental store?
1) Cold meat
2) Sweets
3) Burgers
4) Both 1 and 2

c) Which of the following word is the synonym of ‘Pile’?
1) Heap
2) Herd
3) Congregation
4) None of these

d) When did Griffin start making movement in the store?
1) When it was open
2) When it was shut
3) During the lunch break
4) During the dinner


a. Wearing a dress b. Both 1 and 2 c. Heap d. When it was shut

Extract 4

He soon found a suitable shop. He made his way, invisible, upstairs and came out a little later wearing bandages round his forehead, dark glasses, false nose, big bushy side-whiskers, and a large hat. To escape without being seen, he callously attacked the shopkeeper from behind, after which he robbed him of all the money he could find.

a) Who is ‘He’ in the first line?
1) Kemp
2) Griffin
3) Bobby Jaffers
4) Mr. Hall

b) In which lane was the shop located?
1) Crury Lane
2) Arury Lane
3) Brury Lane
4) Drury Lane

c) How did Griffin deal with the shopkeeper?
1) By attacking him
2) By robbing him of all the money
3) By hitting him on the head
4) All of these

d) Where did Griffin leave for after getting dressed and being visible?
1) Port Stowe
2) Iping
3) Burdock
4) None of these


a. Wearing a dress b. Drury Lane c. All of these d. Iping

Extract 5

Eager to get away from crowded London he took a train to the village of Iping, where he booked two rooms at the local inn. The arrival of a stranger at an inn in winter was in any case an unusual event. A stranger of such uncommon appearance set all tongues wagging. Mrs. Hall, the landlord’s wife, made every effort to be friendly. But Griffin had no desire to talk, and told her, “My reason for coming to Iping is a desire for solitude. I do not wish to be disturbed in my work. Besides, an accident has affected my face.”

a) What is Iping?
1) A small town
2) A small hill-side village
3) A small city
4) A metropolitan city

b) In which inn did he put up?
1) Dogs and Horses
2) Coach and Horses
3) Dogs and Coaches
4) None of these

c) What was the reason to come to Iping according to Griffin?
1) To meet Mrs. Hall
2) To freak out alone
3) To live in isolation
4) All of these

d) What had disfigured Griffin‘s face according to him?
1) An accident
2) A Burglary
3) A fire at his home
4) All of these


a. Wearing a dress b. Coach and Horses c. To live in isolation d. An accident

Extract 6

The landlord and his wife were up very early, and were surprised to see the scientist’s door wide open. Usually it was shut and locked, and he was furious if anyone entered his room. The opportunity seemed too good to be missed. They peeped round the door, saw nobody, and decided to investigate. The bedclothes were cold, showing that the scientist must have been up for some time; and stranger still, the clothes and bandages that he always wore were lying about the room.

a) Who has been referred to landlord in this extract?
1) Kemp
2) Griffin
3) Bobby Jaffers
4) Mr. Hall

b) What were the couple surprised see?
1) That the door was locked
2) That the door was ajar
3) That the door was slightly open
4) Both 2 and 3

c) Where had Griffin gone?
1) To meet Bunting
2) To steal some money
3) To enjoy in the bar
4) To spend the night out

d) Find out the synonym of the word ‘Furious’ from the following?
1) Savage
2) Ravishing
3) Savvy
4) None of these


a. Mr. Hall b. Both 2 and 3 c. To steal some money d. Savage

Extract 7

Mr Jaffers, the constable, now arrived, and was quite surprised to find that he had to arrest a man without a head. But Jaffers was not easily prevented from doing his duty. If a magistrate’s warrant ordered a person’s arrest, then that person had to be arrested, with or without his head.

a) Who sent Bobby Jaffers to arrest Griffin?
1) The Magistrate
2) The Villagers
3) Owners of the Inns
4) Thomas Marvel

b) What dilemma was Bobby Jaffers in?
1) How to arrest a man without legs
2) How to arrest a man without head
3) How to arrest a man without hands
4) How to arrest a man without handcuffs

c) Which of the following adjective suits Bobby Jaffers?
1) Careless
2) Reckless
3) Dutiful
4) Disobedient

d) Who had the last laugh in the end of the fight?
1) Kemp
2) Griffin
3) Bobby Jaffers
4) Mr. Hall


a. The Magistrate b. How to arrest a man without head c. Dutiful d. Griffin


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