Homophones | Words That Usually Confuse | Homonyms |


Homophones | Words That Usually Confuse | Homonyms |


Q. What are Homophones?

Ans. Homophones are the words that have the same pronunciation but they differ in meaning with each other.

Sr. No

Homophones Meaning


1 Right


Right means trueWrite means to make words, letters etc.  

You were right in your guess.

Can you write your name on the piece of paper?

2 Meat



Meet means to interact in some way

Meat is the flesh of an animal


They meet Aradhya daily in their dance class.

She does not eat any meat.

3 Flour



Flour is fine powder of grains.

Flower is a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms.


Would you mind mixing the flour with two eggs?

There are many types of flowers available in my garden.

4 Course



Course means series of lessons.

Coarse means rough.

My outfit was made of coarse fabric.

I have decided to enroll on computer course .

5 Cereal



Cereal is a type of grain.


Serial means sequential

He gave me a bowl of cereals.

They wrote serial numbers on the topics.

6 Cite



Cite means to mention something

Site is a piece of land

She cited a passage from president’s speech.

I have visited the construction site .






Buy  means to get something by paying money

By means beside, very near


I bought a coffee for my Mother from the café.


I knew that she would come and sit by me

8 Break



Break means to crack

Brake is a restraint used to slow or stop a vehicle


She broke her neck.

I immediately applied the brake when he fell before my bike.







Seller means a vendor

Cellar is a closed space used for storage


Alia is a book seller.

She went to the cellar in order to dilute the beer.

10 Bored


Bored is one who feels tired mentally

Board is a thin piece of wood.


Men in the shopping complex usually get bored with their wives.

I have written something on the whiteboard.

11 Allowed


Allowed means one who is  granted permission

Aloud mean loudly


I allowed him to go there with his teacher

She read the entire paragraph aloud.


12 Altar



Altar is a religious structure or place on which gifts to a god are made

Alter- to make changes

The bride approached the altar.

We have altered our plans for the upcoming vacations.

13 Ail



Ail means to be unwell

Aisle is a long narrow passage


Our planet is ailing.

It was extremely difficult to go through the aisle in the plane.







Air is mixture of gases

Heir is one who receives an ancestral property


I can breathe the fresh air.

He is lawful heir of his mother’s property.

15 Alms




Alms is money contributed to the poor

Arms are body part or weapons considered collectively

He was given alms by the rich.

Her arms are long .

16 Vein



Veins are tubes which carry blood in the body

Vain means fruitless

Align your finger in the direction of veins.

All the efforts of the government to go in vain.








Bald means lacking hair on all or most of the scalp

Bold means fearless and daring



I hope i don’t go bald like my father.

She is as bold as her father.






Birth is a process of being born

Berth is a place for sleeping in the train or ship


The baby weighted 3 kilos at the time of its birth.

We were allotted upper berths by railways for our journey.

19 Bridal




Bridal is Related to bride

Bridle is a strap put on animal’s head for controlling.


She paid twenty-thousands only for her bridal make-up.

I bought a new bridle for my horse Trio.

20 Chili




Chili is a very hot and finely tapering pepper

Chilly means too cold to be comfortable

Give me a packet of chilly powder.

It’s usually a chilly morning especially in winters.

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21 Earn



Earn means to get money by working

Urn is a kind of special container

I have earned my own respect.

Ode to a Grecian Urn is one of my favourite poems.

22 File



File is a device for storing papers

Phial is a small cylindrical bottles

Your file was locked.

A phial  of  blood  is broken

23 Find




Find- to discover something

Fined- clarify


I will help you find out him as soon as possible.

He was fined for driving rashly.

24 Hart



Hart is an adult male deer

Heart is a body’s organ

Only few people have seen hart in this area.

She is a patient of heart .

25 Hymn




Him is a pronoun of male

Hymn is a religious songs


I like to listen to Hindus’ hymns.

They often  praised him

26 Hoard



Hoard means to save up for future use

Horde means crowd

People hoarded a lot of grocery due to corona.

We were beset by a horde of street vendors .

27 Holy



Holy means belonging to divine power

Wholly means completely

My grandmother is a very holy woman

We can’t please everyone wholly.

28 Incite



Incite means to encourage somebody

Clear perception of a situation

He was accused of inciting the crowd.

He had an insight into human nature.

29 Loan



Loan is a lent money

Lone means  alone

I borrowed a lot of money from the bank.

I am a lone swimmer of this pool.

30 Won



Won is the second form of Win

One is a cardinal number

I won that match by ten points.

I got one out of three stars.

31 Which



Which is an interrogative word

Witch means female wizard


Cars whivh unleaded pollution are better.

Ram started talking about witches .

32 Where



Where means what place or position

Wear means to be dressed in

We came to a village where we stopped for lunch

I like to wear skirts in parties.

33 Weather



Weather is the atmospheric condition

Whether is a conjunction


We are hoping for good weather tomorrow.

Ram didn’t know whether Shalu would come or not.

34 Weak



Weak means that is not strong

Week is a period of 7 days

He is very weak at studies.

There is no chance of meeting him next week.

35 Waist



Waist- the narrowest part of the body

Waste means of no importance.

Waist of Ram is 32 inches.

He wasted four sheets in the godown.

36 Too




Too means in addition to

Two is cardinal number


Red is my favourite color but I like blue, too .

I have two cycles of the same colour.

37 Tail




Tail is the end part of animals.

Tale is event’s stories  which is untrue.


His dog has the longest tail.

I like to read fairy tales when I am free.

38 Sun



Sun is the biggest star

Son is a male child

Don’t sit in the sun for too long.

He loves his youngest son a lot.

39 Steal


Steal  means to take away secretly

Steel is an alloy of iron

He has stolen money from my bag

Rust has corroded steel rails

40 Stair



Stair means step(s)

Stare means to look fixedly

I took stairs instead of elevators

We just sat and stared at each other.


41 Some



Some means a certain amount

Sum means total amount

I still have some money

The sum of one and two is three

42 Sole



Sole means single

Soul means spiritual boy

He is a sole trader of clothing.

My her soul rest in peace.

43 Soar



Soar means to rise very fast

Sore means painful

BSE stocks got soared yesterday.

She rubbed my sore spot.

44 Sea



Sea means area of salt water

See means to look

She likes to visit sea shores.

I don’t want to see him again.

45 Scene



Scene is the place where something happened

Seen is the past participle of see

The best scene of that movie was robbery in bank.

I have seen your document .

47 Plain



Plain means simple

Plane is an aircraft

She bought a plain blue suit.

The flight was delayed due to trouble with the plane.

48 Peak




Peak means top


Peek means to look into secretly


She was standing taller at the peak of her career.

Why don’t you peek into the him.

49 Peace



Peace means a stress free situation

Piece means one of the parts

I had peace in my life instead of money .

Can you cut this cloth into three pieces.

50 Nun



Nun means a religious woman

None meant not any

Nuns have a typical schedule for whole day.

None of them listened to orders.

51 Mask



Mask means covering of face.

Mask is a literal form of entertainment.

I masked my face during my visit to mall.

They performed masque dance in farewell.

52 Mail



Mail means collection and sending of letter

Male means man


She mailed date sheet to us before the exam.

Women have no rights in this male dominating world.

53 Made



Made is the second form of make

Maid  means a woman slave

She made masks in lockdown.

A maid is waiting for her husband.

54 Lessen



Lessen means to reduce

Lesson means learning sessions

The medicine will lessen your pain

I want extra lessons of this theory

55 Knot



Knot means to tie

Not means to deny


They will knot into unbreakable bond forever.

Do not come here until permitted.

56 Knight



Knight means a person trained to arms and chivalry.

Night is the part of the day

You were my knight in shining armor.


I usually don’t travel at night.

57 Knead



Knead means conversion into dough.

Need means necessity

It is not very easy to knead the dough.

What I need is peace only.

58 Idle



Idle means free and lazy

Idol – person whom you admire

She can not bear to be an idle.

He was the idol of the school.

59 Die



Die means to end one’s life

Dye means a substance of colouring

They both died at the age of 64.

Why don’t you dye your white hair?

60 Heal



Heal means to provide a cure for

Heel is the bottom of a boot or shoe.

Dr. Sadao healed the wound of the American.

She was wearing heels to look taller than him.

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