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One Word Substitution for Competitive Exams

One word substitution plays a major role in competitive exams, Apart from that, it is very important for the enhancement of vocabulary. If you are preparing for any competitive exams, these one word substitution can be extremely helpful to you.

A country ruled by two country : Condominium
A dramatic performance: Masque
A lady’s purse: Reticule
A man of odd habits: Eccentric
A nation engaged in war: Belligerent
A person behind time: Antiquated
A place of good climate: Sanatorium
A religious song: Hymn
A remarkable talent: Prodigy
A short but amusing story: Anecdote
A verse letter: Epistle
Act of killing one’s wife: Uxoricide
An animal story with a moral: Fable
An unknown person: Anonymous
Animals living on land and in water: Amphibian
At the same time: Contemporary

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Award given after death: Posthumous
Stealing others words is called: Plagiarism
Care taker of a public building: Custodian
Contempt of God: Blasphemy
Cure for all disease: Panacea
Custom of having many husbands: Polyandry
Custom of having many wives: Polygamy
Dealing of counterfeit things: Forgery
Disease which is spread by contact: Contagious
Doctor who treats children: Pediatrician
Equal in rank: Peer
Fault that may be forgiven: Venial
Favouring own kith and kin: Nepotism
Fear of bathing: Ablutophobia
Fear of becoming bald: Phalacrophobia
Fear of being robbed: Harpaxophobia
Fear of cockroaches: Katsaridaphobia
Fear of crowd: Ochlophobia
Fear of darkness: Lygophobia
Fear of death: Nicrophobia
Fear of dentist: Dentophobia

Fear of disease: Pathophobia
Fear of failure: Atychiphobia
Fear of foreigners: Xenophobia
Fear of God: Zeusophobia
Fear of going to bed: Clinophobia
Fear of height: Acrophobia
Fear of making decisions: Decidophobia
Fear of poverty: Peniaphobia
Fear of property: Orthophobia
Fear of radiation: Radiophobia
Fear of riding a car: Amaxophobia
Fear of school: Scolionophobia
Fear of sex: Genophobia
Fear of speaking: Lalophobia
Fear of speed: Tachophobia
Fear of water: Hydrophobia
Fear of words: Logophobia
First speech: Maiden

Food agrees with one’s taste: Palatable
Funny imitation of a poem: Parody
Giving up throne by the king: Abdication
Go back and forth: Shuttle
Government by a single person: Autocracy
Government by the Gods: Theocracy
Government run by a dictator: Autocracy
Group of three novels: Trilogy
Incapable of being wounded: Invulnerable
In-charge of museum: Curator
Indifference to pleasure or pain: Stoicism
Intentional destruction of racial group: Genocide
Interval between two events: Interlude
Just punishment for wrong doing: Nemesis
Killing of another human being: Homicide
Language difficult to understand : Jargon
Large scale departure of people: Exodus
List of explanation of words: Glossary
List of goods with their price: Invoice
Longing for something: Nostalgia
Loop of rope is called: Noose
Loud talk or speech: Harangue
Man having the qualities of woman: Effeminate
Man of lax moral : Licentious
Man whose wife has been unfaithful to him : Cuckold
Mania for setting fires : Pyromania
Mania for stealing things : Kleptomania

Mania for talking : Logomania
Mania for travel : Dromomania
Mania of being important : Megalomania
Medicine which lessens pain:  Anodyne
Member of a band of robbers : Brigand
Morning prayer : Matin
Murdering of a family : Familicide
Murdering of an infant : Infanticide
Murdering of Brother : Fratricide
Murdering of husband by his wife : Mariticide
Murdering of the king : Regicide
Murdering of tyrant : Tyrannicide
Old age when a man behaves like a fool : Dotage
One who believes one is God : Theomania
One who believes that everything is pre-destined : Fatalist
One who believes that pleasure is the chief good : Hedonist
One who betrays one : Traitor
One who collects coins : Numismatist
One who comes from a village and considered stupid : Bumpkin
One who compiles dictionary : Lexicographer
One who cuts precious stones : Lapidist
One who deserts his religion : Apostate
One who does not care for literature : Philistine
One who does not respect something sacred or holy : Blasphemy
One who does not take definite stand : Evasive
One who draws maps and charts : Cartographer
One who eats everything : Omnivorous
One who eats human flesh : Cannibal

One who fights for the sake of money : Mercenary
One who forsakes religion : Renegade
One who has many talents : Versatile
One who has suddenly gained new wealth : Parvenu
One who hates knowledge and learning : Misologist
One who is bad in spelling : Cacographic
One who is guilty of firing property : Arsonist
One who is more interested in himself : Introvert
One who is more interested in others : Extrovert
One who is neither intelligent nor dull : Mediocre
One who is not the citizen of country : Alien
One who is talkative : Garrulous
One who is the most powerful : Omnipotent
One who is very careful and particular : Meticulous
One who is very well versed in any subject : Connoisseur
One who lends money at high rate : Usurer
One who loves all and sundry : Philanthropist
One who loves books : Bibliophile
One who passes through the gate without taking permission : Trespasser
One who pays too much attention to his clothes and appearance : Dandy
One who plays a game for pleasure not professionally : Amateur
One who pretends illness to escape duty : Malingerer
One who reads only books : Bookworm
One who sacrifices his life for country : Martyr
One who sneaks into a country : Infiltrator
One who speaks many languages : Polyglot
One who studies skin and its diseases : Dermatologist
One who studies the formation of the earth : Geologist

One who talks continuously : Loquacious
One who thinks human nature is evil : Cynic
One who totally abstain from alcohol : Teetotaler
One who travels from place to place : Itinerant
One who treats female problems : Gynecologist
One who wants to see others unhappy : Sadist
One who works in return for being taught the trade : Disciple
One who works without getting any salary : Honorary
One whose attitude is to eat, drink and merry : Epicurean
Opposing arguments : Rebut
Out of date things : Obsolescent
Paper written in one’s own handwriting : Manuscript
Part of a church in which bells are hung : Belfry
People in rowdy scene : Rabble
Person different to pleasure and pain : Stoic
Person obsessed with one idea or subject : Monomaniac
Person pretending to be somebody he is not : Imposter
Person who believes God is everything Ban : Theist
Person who believes others : Credulous
Person who does not believe in any religion : Pagan
Person who enjoys sensuous enjoyments : Epicure
Person who has long experience : Veteran
Person who hates women : Misogynist
Person who holds scholarship at a university : Bursar
Person who is against ordinary society especially dressing : Hippy
Person who is always dissatisfied : Malcontent
Person who is made to bear the blame : Scapegoat
Person who kill others for political reason : Assassin
Person who lives alone and avoids other people : Recluse
Person who loves nature : Aesthete
Person who makes love for amusement : Philanderer
Person who pretends to have more knowledge : Charlatan
Person who regards the whole world as his country : Cosmopolitan
Person with a beautiful handwriting : Calligrapher
Person without manners : Rustic
Persuasive and fluent speech : Eloquence
Physician who delivers babies : Obstetrician

Place where birds are kept : Aviary
Place where cows are sheltered : Byre
Place where govt. records are kept : Archives
Place where women dwelled (Ancient time) : Harem
Place which provides both board and lodging : Inn
Plants and vegetation : Flora
Poem narrating a popular story : Ballad
Poem written on the death of someone loved and lost one : Elegy
Policy of political party : Manifesto
Power of reading thoughts of others : Telepathy
Public building where weapons are made and stored : Arsenal
Responsible according to law : Legitimate
Ride on someone else back : Piggyback
Ridiculous use of words : Malapropism
Room leading into a large room : Anteroom
Room with toilet facilities : Lavatory
School for infants and children : Kindergarten
Seat on elephant’s back : Howdah
Send unwanted person out of the country : Deport
Short journey made by a group of persons together : Excursion
Short remaining end of cigarette : Stub
Short walk for pleasure or exercise : Stroll
Slow witted person : Duffer
Song sung at burial : Dirge
Speech by an actor at the end of play : Epilogue
Speech without preparation : Extempore
Stage between boyhood and youth : Adolescence
Statement which cannot be understood : Incomprehensible
Stories of old time Gods and heroes : Legend
Story that cannot be believed : Incredible
Study of ancient science : Archaeology
Study of birds : Ornithologist
Study of human body : Anatomy
Study of mankind : Anthropology
Study of statistics of birth, death and diseases : Demography
Sudden rush of winds : Gust
Thing that bring gentle and painless death from incurable death : Euthanasia
Thing that cannot be touched of felt : Palpable
Thing that destroys the effect of poison : Antidote

Thing through which light cannot pass : Opaque
Thing which cannot be done without : Indispensable
Things that can be seen and touched : Tangible
Things that cannot be understood : Unintelligible
To do away with a rule : Abrogate
To explain a spiritual truth : Parable
To spread troops for battle : Deploy
Tumour which is not likely to spread : Benign
Unexpected stroke of good luck : Windfall
Using of new words : Neology
Views which are not of one’s liking : Irritating
Walking in sleep : Somnambulism
Which cannot be rectified : Irreparable
Woman who has extra marital relationship : Adultery
Work which involves too much official formalities : Red Tapism


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