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Food Vocabulary

This Vocabulary can help you a lot in your personal life for it is related to your food. All you need to do is use them while conversing with anybody. Make sure you pronounce them clearly in order to make others understand. Such vocabulary matters a lot if used in day-to-day conversation.

Meals of the Day

Bed-Tea Evening-Tea
Breakfast Lunch
Brunch Luncheon
Supper Nightcap
Dinner Snacks

The Food Varieties

Roasted Steamed
Juicy Grilled
Chilled Frozen
Raw Spicy
Minced Fried
Processed Boiled

Quality of Food

Sumptuous Tasteless
Appetizing Over-cooked
Badly-cooked Insipid
Half-baked Uncooked
Raw Unpalatable
Unappetizing Ripe
Well-cooked Tasty
Delicious Savoury

Dry Fruits

Dates Cashew nuts
Coconuts Peanuts
Raisins Almonds
Walnut Groundnuts
Currants Pistachios

Meals Can Be

Lavish Meager
Sufficient Insufficient
Moderate Economical


Bitter gourd Pumpkin
Cabbage Lotus roots
Onions Potatoes
Peas Lady Finger
Cauliflower Lettuce
Turnip Drumsticks

Non-Vegetarian Food

Beef Chicken
Mutton Pork
Fish Sausages
Prawns Lobster
Ham Lamb Salami
Bacon Partridges

Sauces Can Be

Chilly Tomato
Spicy Soya bean
Garlic Sweet
Creamy Pungent


Chicken soup Vegetable soup
Sweet-corn soup Tomato soup

A Man Can Be Related to Food

Greedy Modern
Balanced Frugal
Fastidious Glutton


Oil Turmeric
Wheat Flour Sugar
Salt Flour
Mustard seeds Coriander
Chillies Cornflour

Cooking Aids

Baking Tray Serving Spoon
Frying Pan Pressure Cooker
Oven Mixie
Grill Table spoon
Fork Knife
Kettle Grinder
Non-stick cookware

Place Where You Can Eat

Hotel Bar
Snack-Bar Restaurant
Catering Van Drive-In
Bar be-cue Cafeteria
Roadside Stand

Eating Aids

Sauce Oil
Cardamom Butter
Cheese Bread
Garlic Cinnamon
Ginger Curd
Tamarind Cloves
Pickles Rice

Eating Arrangements

Buffet Snack Bar
Sitting Arrangement Sitting

Words Used in Kitchen

Pour Grate
Slice Bake
Chop Peel
Stir Mince
Mixing Crush
Churn Sprinkle
Knead Sweeten
Simmer Grind
Boil Mash
Fry Soak
Heat Grill

Features of Food

Low calorie diet Frozen
Salty Flavoured
Non Alcoholic Flattening
High calorie diet Alcoholic

Other Vocabulary Notes

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