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Words For Description of Personalities (Words for Personality)

Now a days, it is essential to learn how to explain somebody, his style and personality. To help you in doing so, we have brought some words and phrases for you that can prove fruitful to everybody going through. Just have a glimpse of some of them given below.

Complexion of People

Fair Dark
Very fair Very dark
Flawless Glowing
Radiant Bright
Vivid Florid
Tanned Peaches
Pale Dull
Sallow Pallid
Wheatish Medium complexioned
Unhealthy Healthy

Health or Stature of People

Tall Short
Tiny Puny
Dwarf Imposing
Overweight Underweight
Short legged Stooping
Abnormal Lanky
Slim Brawny
Muscular Fat
Lean Medium

Physical Frame of People

Broad framed Well built
Broad shouldered Well maintained
Small built Robust
Delicate Plump
Chubby Strong
Healthy Fat
Stout Frail
Weak Thin
Skinny Lean
Enormous Bulky
Shapely Bonny
Big bellied Able bodied
Feeble Balanced
Small framed Hefty

Features of People

Sharp features Flat features
Classical features Bushy eyebrows
High cheeked Broad face
Chimpy look Thick neck
Broad forehead Protruding eyes
Glowing face Weighed head
Slanting eyes Snub nose
Flat nose Double chinned
Hollow cheeks Clean-cut face
Scarred face Blunt features

Looks of People

Beautiful Handsome
Lovely Pretty
Cute Luminous eyes
Innocent Ugly
Luxuriant hair Wrinkled face
Sedate Middle-aged
Adolescent Ordinary
Unkempt Haggard
Mature Serene
Withered Bewitching
Insane Homely
Appearance Mediocre
Ensnaring Entrapping
Placid Sultry
Cool Seductive
Enchanting Envious

Facial Expression of People

Expressive Face Enigmatic
Blank Face Wooden Face
Expressionless Puzzled
Beaming Commanding
Gracious Welcoming
Vivid Frowning
Horrified Panic Stricken
Fiery with Rage Cheerful
Abandoned Eloquent Face

Impressions of People

Lovable Adorable
Charming Impressive
Attractive Hateful
Abominable Well dressed
Unimpressive Fashionable
Obsolete Presentable
Intolerable Gracious
Jocular Depressed
Irresponsible Adamant
Bashful Peevish
Rough Sympathetic
Lovely Ravishing
Pleasant Magnetizing
Beauty Debonair

Other Vocabulary Notes

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