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General and Important Vocabulary

Let us present you very important and vital vocabulary which is the base of spoken and written English. This Vocabulary can help you a lot in your personal life. All you need to do is use them while conversing with anybody. Make sure you pronounce them clearly in order to make others understand. Such vocabulary matters a lot if used in day-to-day conversation.

Abhor somebody

Kisi ko nafrat karna

Abrade something

Kuch gheesna

Abridge something

Kuch kam karna

Absorb something

Kisi chij ko suck kar lena

Abuse somebody

Kisi ko gali dena

Accept something

Kisi chij ko swikarna

Acclaim somebody

Kisi ke liye tali bajana

Accumulate something

Kuch ikattha karna

Accuse somebody

Kisi ke upar aarop lagana

Acknowledge somebody

Kisi ko dhanyawad kahna

Admit something

Kuch swikarna

Adore somebody

Kisi ko lad pyar karna

Advise somebody

Kisi ko salah dena

Aim at something

Kisi chij ko target karna

Amaze somebody

Kisi ko ascharyachakit karna

Annoy somebody

Kisi ko naraj karna

Answer somebody

Kisi ko jawab dena

Apologise to somebody

Kisi se mafi  mangna

Argue with somebody

Kisi se behas karna

Arrive someplace

Kahi par pahuchna

Ask somebody

Kisi se puchna

Ask somebody to do something

Kisi ko kuch karne ke liye kahna

Assimilate something

Kuch ikattha karna

Assume something

Kuch manna

Auction something

Kuch nilam karna

Avoid something

Kisi chij ko andekha kar dena

Back up somebody

Kisi ko support krana

Backbite somebody

Kisi ki peeth piche chugli karna

Backstab somebody

Kisi ki peeth me chura ghopna

Bank on somebody

Kisi par vishwas karna

Barr something

Kiai chij ko rok dena (mobile service)

Bear something

Sahan karna

Beat somebody soundly

Kisi ko buri tarah peetna

Become fool

Pagal ban na

Become something

Kuch banna

Befriend somebody

Kisi ko dost banana

Beget somebody

Janam dena

Believe in somebody

Kisi me vishwas hona

Bid for something

Kisi chij ki boli lagana

Blame somebody

Kisi ke upar aarop lagana

Bless somebody

Kisi ko ashirwad dena

Bore somebody

Kisi ko bore karna

Borrow something From somebody

Kisi se udhar lena

Bring something

Kuch le kar ana

Bring up somebody

Kisi ka palan poshan karna

Bug somebody

Kisi ko tang karna

Build confidence

Kisi ka atmvishwas badana

Bully somebody

Kisi ko dhamki dena

Bury somebody body

Kisi ko dafnana

Buy something

Kuch kharidna

Call somebody up

Kisi ko phone karna

Capture something

Kisi chij par kabza karna

Carry something

Kuch le kar jana

Cast something


Celebrate something

Tyohar manana

Chill out/ freak out/ have fun

Mauj masti karna

Cleave somebody

Kisi ko cheerna

Climb someplace

Kahi par chadna

Comb hair

Balo ko kanghi karna

Come to know somebody/something

Kisi ko samajhna

Come to someplace

Kahi par ana

Commit a theft

Chori karna

Commit blunder

Bahut badi galti karna

Commit mistake

Galti karna

Commit suicide

Atmahatya karna

Communicate with somebody

Kise is vichar aadan pradan karna

Compete with somebody

Kise se mukabla karna

Complain to somebody

Kisi se complain karna

Complete something

Kuch pura karna

Conceal sth

Kuch chupana

Confess something

Kuch swikar karna

Confine something

Kisi chij ko simit rakhana

Confront somebody

Kisi ka mukabla karna

Confuse somebody

Kisi ko confuse karna

Consider somebody fool

Kisi ko pagal samajhna

Consult somebody

Kisi se salah lena

Contribute something

Kuch yogdan dena

Converse with somebody

Kisi se bat cheet karna

Convince somebody

Kisi ko apne paksh me lena

Cook something

Kuch pakana

Count on somebody

Kisi par bharosa karna

Cover something

Kuck dhakna

Crack a joke

Joke marna

Cram / Mug up something

Kuch ratna

Crave for something

Kisi chij ke mang karna

Create nuisance

Sir me dard karna

Cremate somebody body

Kisi ko jalana

Criticize somebody

Kisi ki aalochna karna

Crouch at some place

Kahi par dubak kar baithna

Cry over something

Kisi chij par rona

Curb something

Kuch kam karna

Cure somebody

Kisi ka thik karna

Dance on occasion


Dance on somebody tunes

Kisi ke isharo par nachna

Deal with somebody

Kisi se nipatna

Deceive somebody

Kisi ko dhokha dena

Declare something

Kisi chij ki ghoshna karna

Decorate something

Kisi chij ko sajana

Dedicate something

Kuch samarpit karna

Defame somebody

Kisi ko badnam karna

Defeat somebody

Kisi ko harana

Defy somebody

Kisi ko lalkarna

Deny something

Kisi chij se inkar karna

Depart someplace

Kahi se nikalna

Desert somebody

Kisi ko chod dena

Deserve something

Kisi chij ke kabil hona

Die of disease

Bimari se mar jana

Dig something

Gadda khodna

Discourage somebody

Kisi ko hatotsahit karna

Disguise somebody

Kisi ka bhesh badalna

Distract somebody

Kisi ko bhatkana

Ditch somebody

Kisi ko dhokha dena

Divorce somebody

Kisi ko talak de dena

Dominate somebody

Kisi ko niche dikhana

Donate something

Kuch dan karna

Download somebody

Kisi ko inform karna

Drag somebody

Kisi ko ghasitna

Drink something

Kuch pina

Drive something

Kuch chalana

Dust something

Kisi chij par se dhul uthana

Earn something

Kuch kamana

Eat something

Kuch khana

Eliminate somebody

Kisi ko nikal dena

Elope with somebody

Kisi ke sath bhag jana

Embarrass somebody

Kisi ko sharminda karna

Embrace/Hug somebody

Kisi ko gale lagana

Encounter somebody

Kisi ka samna karna

Encourage somebody

Kisi ko protsahit karna

Ensnare somebody

Kisi ko jal me fasana

Exclaim over something

Achanak chillana

Execute something

Kisi kam ko anjam dena

Exhaust somebody

Kisi ko thaka dena

Expect something

Kisi se kuch asha rakhna

Explain somebody

Kisi ko detail se samjana

Explode something

Bomb fatna

Exploit somebody

Kisi ko pratadit karna

Expose somebody

Kisi ki pol kholna

Eye somebody

Kisi par buri nazar rakhna/ lagana


Behosh hona

Fascinate somebody

Kisi ko vash me karna

Feel offended

Bura man jana

Feel something

Kuch mahsus karna

Fell something

Kisi chij ko katna

Find fault with somebody

Kisi me dosh nikalna

Find out/ figure out

Pata lagana

Fire somebody

Kisi ko naukri se nikal dena

Flatter somebody

Kisi ki chaplusi karna

Flaunt of something

Kisi chij ka dikhawa karna

Flee away with somebody

Kisi ke sath bhag jana

Fling something

Faink kar marna

Flog somebody

Kisi ko kode marna

Foil somebody plan

Kisi ka plan vifal karna

Follow somebody

Kisi ka picha karna

Forbid somebody

Kisi ko  mana karna

Forget something

Kuch bhul jana

Forgive somebody

Kisi ko maf karna

Frighten somebody

Kisi ko darana

Fulfill something

Kuch poora karna

Get abused

Gali panda

Get along with somebody

Kisi ke sath achi nibhna/ nibhana

Get angry

Gussa hona

Get annoyed

Kise se naraz hona

Get beaten

Pit jana

Get blamed

Aarop lagna

Get blessed

Ashirwad milna

Get confidence built up

Atmvishwas badna

Get confused

Confuse hona

Get criticized

Aalochna hona

Get distracted


Get embarrassed

Sharminda hona

Get exposed

Pol Khulna

Get failure

Asafalta milna

Get fascinated

Vash me hona

Get frightened

Kisi se dar jana

Get furious

Gusse me aag babula ho jana

Get helped

Madad milna

Get hurt

Aghat pahuchna

Get interrogated

Puch-tach hona

Get jealous

Jalan hona

Get molested

Pratadit hona

Get pleased

Khush ho jana

Get praised

Tariff hona

Get preached

Updesh milna

Get proved

Sabit ho jana

Get publicized

Logo ka support milna

Get robbed

Lut jana

Get ruined

Tabah hona

Get somebodys’ point

Kisi ki bat samajhna

Get scared

Dar jana

Get scared

Dar jana

Get scolded

Dat panda

Get slapped

Thappad panda

Get spoilt

Barbad hona

Get stared

Ghura jana

Get success

Safalta milna

Get threatened

Dhamki diya jana

Get to know somebody/something

Kisi ko samajhna

Get up early

Jaldi uthna

Get yourself made fun of

Majak udwana

Giggle over something

Khi-khi kar ke hasna

Give to somebody

Kisi ko dena

Give words

Vada karna

Go back from words

Vade se mukarna

Go crazy for something

Kisi chij ke liye pagal hona

Go to someplace

Kahi par jana

Gossip over something

Gup shup karna


Dard se karahna

Grumble over something

Kisi chij par badbadana


Garare karna

Hatch plan

Koi plan banana

Hate somebody

Kisi se nafrat karna

Hear from somebody

Kise se sun na

Help somebody

Kisi ke madad karna

Hesitate while something

Kuch karte hue hichkichana

Hide something

Kuch chupana

Hold back anger

Gusse  par kabu pana

Hold something firmly

Kisi chij ko kas kar pakadna

Honour somebody

Kisi ka samman karna

Humiliate somebody

Kisi ki bezzatti karna

Hurt somebody

Kisi ko aghat pahuchana

Hypnotize sb

Kisi ko wash  me karna

Illustrate somebody

Kisi ko example dena

Imagine something

Kuch sochna

Imitate somebody

Kisi ki nakar utarna

Indebted to somebody

Kisi ka karjdar hona

Infuriate somebody

Kisi ko gussa dilwana

Inject somebody

Kisi ko injection lagana

Inspire somebody

Kisi ko inspiration dena

Instigate somebody

Kisi ko bhadkana

Instill good values in somebody

Kisi me ache sanskar dalna

Intend something

Kisi chij ka maksad hona

Interrogate somebody

Kisi se puch-tach karna

Intervene in somebody matters

Kisi ke mamle me dakhal dena

Introspect somebody

Apne andar jhakh kar dekhna

Invade somebody

Kisi par attack karna

Keep something

Kuch rakhna

Keep words

Vada nibhana

Kid with somebody

Kisi se majak karna

Know somebody

Kisi ko jan na

Learn how to do it.

Sikhna ki kaise karte hai

Learn/study whole heartedly

Dil se yad karna/ panda / sikhna

Lend something To somebody

Kisi ko udhar dena

Lick somebody footwear

kisi ke jute chatna

Lisp while talking

Bolte waqt tutlana

Listen to somebody

Kisi ko sun na

Live in someplace

Kahi par rahna

Look at somebody

Kisi ke or ek najar dekhna

Look at something

Kisi ki or ek najar dekhna

Lose something

Kuch khona

Lose temper

Gussa hona

Love somebody

Kisi ko pyar karna

Make dream come true

Sapno ko pura karna

Make enemies with somebody

Kisi se dushmani karna

Make excuses

Bahane banana

Make fun of somebody

Kisi ka majak udana

Make sb apologise to somebody

Kisi se mafi mangwana

Make somebody angry

Kisi ko gussa dilana

Make somebody commit mistake

Galti karwana

Make somebody cry

Kisi ko rulana

Make somebody dance

Kisi ko nachana

Make somebody feel

Kuch mahsus karwana

Make somebody fool

Kisi ko pagal banana

Make somebody frank

Kisi ko frank banana

Make somebody laugh

Kisi ko hasana

Make somebody realize

Ahsas karwana

Make somebody understand

Kisi ko samjhana

Make somebody wait

Kisi ko intajar karwana

Marry to somebody

Kisi se shadi karna

Meet somebody

Kisi se milna

Meet somebody by chance

Kisi se galti se milna

Mend something

Kuch sudharna

Mess with somebody

Kisi se panga lena

Miss name somebody

Kisi ka nam bigadna

Miss somebody

Kisi ko bahut yad karna

Moan for something

Shant baithna

Mock somebody

Kisi ka majak udana

Molest somebody

Kisi ko pratadit karna

Mourn over something

Kisi ki maut par matam manana

Murder somebody

Kisi ki hatya karna

Nip somebody

Kisi ko  masal dena

Nod somebody

Kisi ki ha me ha milana

Nominate somebody

Kisi ka nam lena

Nurture somebody

Kisi ka palan poshan karna

Observe something

Kisi par nigrani rakhna

Offend somebody

Kisi ki bezzazti karna

Oppose somebody

Kisi ka vidroh karna

Oppress somebody

Kisi par julm karna

Overcome problems

Problems par kabu pana

Overestimate somebody

Kisi ko jyada aakna

Overreact over something

Kisi chij par had se jyada react karna

Pamper somebody

Kisi ko lad pyar se bigadna

Panic over somethingb.

Hadbada jana

Pat on somebody back

Kisi ki peeth thapthapana

pawn something

Kuch girvi rakhna

Pay no heed to somebody

Kisi ki bat par dhyan na dena

Peep through something

Kisi me se jhakkar dekhna

Persuade somebody

Kisi ko  manana

Pick hole in somebody

Kisi me galti nikalna

Play pranks

Sharartey karna

Please somebody

Kisi ko khush karna

Point somebody

Kisi ke taraf ishara karna

Praise somebody

Kisi ki tarif karna

Preach somebody

Kisi ko updesh dena

Predict something

Kisi chij ki bhavishyawani karna

Prepare something

Kuch taiyar karna

Pretend for something

Kisi chij ke liye dikhawa karna

Procure something

Kuch prapt karna

Prohibit somebody

Kisi ko mana karna

Prosper somebody

Kisi ko khushal banana

Prove something

Kuch sabit karna

Provoke something

Kisi ko uksana

Publicize somebody

Kisi ko logo ke samne pesh karna

Pull somebody leg

Kisi ki khichai karna

Put on airs

Bhav khana

Quarrel with somebody

Kisi se jhagda karna

Raid sp,

Kisi jagah par chapa marna

Reach someplace

Kahi pahuchna

Read something

Kuch panda

Realize something

Ashas karna

Rebuke somebody

Kisi ko jhad dena

Recall something

Kuch yad karna

Recite something

Kuch sunana

Refuse somebody

Kisi ko mana karna

Regard somebody

Kisi  ka samman karna

Regret something

Kisi chij par paschayatap karna

Reject something

Kisi chij ko mana kar dena

Rejoice at something

Kisi occasion ko celebrate karna

Rely on somebody

Kisi par bharosa karna

Remember somebody/something

Kisi ko yad rakhna/ kisi chij ko yad rakhna

Remind somebody

Kisi ko yad dilana

Remorse at something

Kisi chij par paschyatap karna

Render somebody

Kisi ke seva karna

Repent over something

Kisi chij par pachtana

Reply somebody

Kisi ko jawab dena

Resemble somebody

Kisi is shakal milna

Reveal something

Kisi secret ko kise ke samne kholna

Ride something

Kuch chalana (two-wheelers)

Rob somebody

Kisi ko lutna

Rot something

Kisi chij ko waste karna

Ruin somebody

Kisi ko tabah karna

Rule somebody

Kisi ke upar shashan karna

Run away from something

Kisi chij se bhagna

Sacrifice something

Kuch kurban kar dena

Say to somebody

Kisi se kehna

Scare somebody

Kisi ko dara dena

Scold somebody

Kisi ko datna

Scream over something

Kisi chij par chillana

Scribble something

Kuch kharab karna

Scrub something

Kisi chij ko saf karna

Search somebody

Kisi ki talashi lena

Search something

Kisi chij ko dhundhna

See something

Kisi ko dekhna

Seek something

Kuch mangna

Sell something

Kuch bechna

Send somebody to jail

Kisi ko jail me dalna

Sentence somebody

Kisi ko saja sunana

Set somebody right

Kisi ko sahi raste par lana

Set somebody wrong

Kisi ko galat raste  par le jana

Set something For fire

Kisi chij ko aag lagana

Sew something

Kuch silna

Shed tears

Aansu girana


Thand se kapna

Shout at somebody

Kisi par chillana

Show somebody down

Kisi ko nichaa dikhana

Show whims


Shun something

Kisi kam se ji churana

Slap somebody

Kisi ko thappad marna

Smash something

Kisi chij par mukke se parhar karna

Smell something

Kuch sunghna



Snatch something

Kisi se koi chij chin lena

Sneeze before others

Kisi ke aage cheekna

Sob over something

Subak subak kar rona

Spare somebody

Kisi ko chorna

Speak to somebody

Kisi se bat karna

Speculate something

Kisi chij ka andaja lagana

Spend something

Kuch kharch karna

Spill the tyre

Hawa nikalna

Spoil somebody

Kisi ko barbad karna

Spread brotherhood

Bhaichara failana

Spread hatred

Nafrat failana

Spread non-violence

Ahinsa failana

Spread peace

shanty failana

Spread violence

Hinsa failana

Stammer while talking

Bolte waqt haklana

Stand by somebody

Kisi ko sahara dena

Stare at somebody

Kisi ko ghurna

Start something

Kuch shuru karna


Bhukha marna

Stay at someplace

Kahi par rukna

Steal something

Kuch churana

Stimulate something

Kisi ko uksana

Stop something

Kuch rokna


Angdai lena

Strike somebody

Kisi par parhar karna

Strive hard for something

Kisi chij ke liye bahut mehnat karna

Struggle for something

Kisi chij ke liye bahut musibto ko samna karna

Stuff something

Kisi chij me kuch bhar dena

Suffer from something

Kisi chij se pidit hona

Surprise somebody

Kisi ko ascharyachakit kar dena

Swallow something

Kuch nigalna

Swear on something

Kisi chij ki kasam khana

Sweat for something

Kisi chij ke liye pasina bhahana

Tackle somebody

Kisi ko sambhalna

Take a short nap

Choti neend lena

Take from somebody

Kisi se lena

Take oath for something

Kisi chij ki Pratigya karna

Take pity on somebody

Kisi par daya karna

Take/have something

Kuch lena (Food, Coldrink etc.)

Talk ill about somebody

Kisi ki burai karna

Talk to somebody

Kisi se bat karna

Taunt somebody

Kisi ko bat bat par tokna

Teach somebody how to do something

Dusro ko sikhana ki kaise karte hai

Tear something

Kuch fadna

Tell somebody

Kisi ko batana

Tempt somebody

Kisi ko lalchana

Threaten somebody

Kisi ko dhamki dena

Thrill something

Kisi. ko uttejna se bhar dena

Thrive completely

Poori tarah se samradh hona

Throw party

Party dena

Tickle somebody

Kisi ko gudgudi karna

Tie hair

Bal bandhna

To think twice

Do bar sochna

Tolerate something

Sahan karna

Touch something

Kisi chij ko choona

Toy with somebody

Kisi se khelna

Trace somebody

Kisi ko khojna


Dar se kapna

Tumble while something

Ludakna kuch karte hue

Turn a blind eye

Kisi ko dekh kar andekha kar dena

Turn a deaf ear to somebody

Kisi ko sun kar ansuna kar dena

Underestimate somebody

Kisi ko kam aakna

Understand somebody

Kisi ko samajna

Unfriend somebody

Kisi se dosti khatam karna

Unveil something

Kisi chij par se parda uthana

Update somebody

Kisi ko gyan dena

Veil something

Kisi chij ko dhakna

Visit someplace

Kahi par jana

Wait for somebody

Kisi ka intajar karna

Warn somebody

Kisi ko chetawni dena

Watch something

Kisi chij ko dhyan se dekhna

Wear something

Kuch pahanna

Weep bitterly

Fut fut kar rona

Whisper somebody

Kisi ke kan me fus fus karna

Wink somebody

Kisi ko ankh marna

Wipe something

Pocha marna

Worship somebody

Kisi ki  pooja karna

Write something

Kuch likhna


Ubasi lena

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