10 Commonly Misspelt Words, Very important words for competitive exams, SSC, HSSC, REET, IRDA, RBI

Commonly Misspelt Words : 

Let us present you some of the commonly misspelt words which are frequently and incorrectly used by individuals while communicating with others. Such words can help you both in improving your writings skills and in preparing for competitive exams.

Wrong                               Right

(1.) Millenium                         Millennium

(2.) Accomodation                  Accommodation

(3.) Commitee                        Committee

(4.) Militery                             Military

(5.) Superitendant                 Superintendent

(6.) Leftinent                          Lieutenant

(7.) Coronel                           Colonel

(8.) Millionire                         Millionaire

(9.) Secretery                        Secretary

(10.) Sectriate                       Secretariat

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