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These are some of the words/Phrases taken from one of the leading newspaper The Hindu for the convenience of the students.

Vocabulary/Grammar for Competitive Exams

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Step in\out To enter\leave
Fathom Came to understand
Depraved Corrupt
Ingratiate To gain favor
Front-runner Leader
Reprieve Temporarily relief
Bizarre Strange
Tune in Regulate
Inexplicable Incomprehensive
Swab To clean
Incendiary One who provoke other
Delimitation Border/Boundary
Wrest  Obtain forcibly
Bastion A group that defend
Aggravate Make worse
Aforesaid Previously spoken
Ludicrous Humorous
Cogent Powerfully persuasive
Run-over To tread somebody
Lag in Fall back
Bounce back To improve in health
Formidable Extremely impressive
Gratify/Gratification To satisfy/Satisfaction 
Frugal Economical
Fallacy Wrong\False belief 
Scant Insufficient
Run-down To trace
Vent To express
Lure To attract
Cut down To reduce
Drubbing A big drubbing
Travails Use of physical and mental energy
Norm Standard\Average 
Bedrock Basic principle
Pink slip Dismissal/To fir somebody
ilk  Same person
Unravel  Disentangle/To open
Discourse Preaching/Sermon
Rainy days Days of struggle
Meagre Deficient in amount
Bank on To trust
Fat-headed Moron
Ambition Over crazy about success
Cocksure Over confident
Black out To lose consciousness
Pass away Die
Two piece in  pod Always together 
Compare apple to  orange To compare uncommon thing
Plays  devil’s  advocate To argue
Gregarious One who enjoy company of other
Aboveboard Honest
Pea-brained  Stupid
Fugly   Ugly
Obnoxious Objectionable
Reprehensible Wrong/condemnable 
Confrontation  Encounter/Face off
Shop around Compare price not to but
Hang in Stay positive
Adaptable Capable to adjust
Burn Bridges Destroy relationship
Throw-tantrums Display anger
Exuberant Very enthusiastic
Check in/out To enter/exit
Snowball To increase/Accumulate
Apprehend To arrest/get meaning of something 
Altercation A noisy quarrel
Cite To quote/Mention
Stall Postpone
Recce Explore
Propel To motivate
Mitigation Lessen
Sanguine Optimistic
Embroil To drag
Factitious Artificial
Opprobrious Offensive
Garbled  Disordered/Incoherent
Fervent Passionate
Truculent Aggressive
Punctilious Meticulous
Snarl Speak angrily
Drift off To sleep
Abnegation Renunciation/to leave something 
Amicus An advisor to the court
Hit & miss Inconsistent
Run in An angry dispute
Do away with  Get rid of
Fend off To avoid/Avert
Moderate Average/Simple
Mushroom To grow fast and spread
Foul play To cheat/Hit below the belt
Work for peanuts Work for little money
Humdrum Boring/Monotonous 
Spur Incite/Provoke
Trio A group of three people
Pee To urinate 
Hideout A place for hiding
High time Best time
Exorbitant Eye watering
Accomplice One who supports in crime
On the run At large


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