Category: Class 12 Indian Economy

India | China | Pakistan | Comparative Study | Table | Chapter 13 |

After independence both India and Pakistan adopted same strategies for growth such as; Mixed-growth and both were dependent on public sector more whereas private sector was allotted secondary role for the development of the country. On the other hand, China adopted rigorous model of growth for all the government activities were handled by government and there

Human Capital Formation | Sources | Role | Problems Faced | Chapter 8 |

The education and health sector needs high investment along with fixed expenditure. It is difficult for private sector to invest such a huge amount unless they are allowed to recover the amount from the person. Therefore, the government intervenes so that every person of our country can get better education and health facility for they

New Economic Policy | Economic Reforms since 1991 | Chapter 6 |

New economic reform refers to the set of policies which were undertaken to accelerate the speed of growth and development in the country. In 1991, government of India had implemented three major reforms in the country which drastically affected the Indian economy, such as; the liberlisation policy replaced the licensing policy for trade and industries,
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