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Phrasal Verbs 

Phrasal Verb is an idiomatic phrase that consists of a verb and another element, i.e. either an adverb or a preposition. You can refer to some of them given below.


Phrasal Verb Meaning Example

Act on

To Take action against something. You should act on this plan immediately.


Act up

To misbehave with somebody. She acted up when she was told not to drink.


Answer back

To reply immediately One should not answer back one’s parents.


Answer for

To be held responsible for You should answer for what you did yesterday with him.


Ask for

To Request/To demand Why don’t you ask him for the money you lent him?


Back off

To move backwards One of the policemen ordered us to back off.


Back out

To withdraw from something It is very difficult to keep promise but easy to back out.


Back up

To provide support to someone My brother backed me up during the days of crisis.


Beat out

To defeat by a narrow margin India beat out Australia in an ODI match held today.


Beat up

To feel guilty of something I was completely beaten after my car ran over a puppy.

Blow up

To explode She blew up in meeting when asked for an explanation.


Break into

To enter somewhere forcibly They tried to break into my neighbours’ home.


Break down

To stop working (Machines) My car broke down en route to Goa.


Break up

To end a relationship Now, I have decided to break up with my girl friend.


Break through

To make a new discovery Griffin broke through after being invisible.


Bring up

To raise a child I was brought up with love, care and affection.


Bring forth

To display something You should bring forth you hidden talent.


Call off

To cancel The match was called off due to incessant rain.


Carry on

To maintain We should carry on watering the plant for their growth.


Check out

To record someone before leaving My parents had checked out at 12 noon from Raj Palace.

Check up

To verify something through tests The doctors checked up before my mother’s surgery.


Come across

To meet somebody unexpectedly I came across one of my school’s friends at the mall yesterday.


Come up with

To create/think/invent Griffin came up with a new idea when asked by his teachers.


Crack down

To enforce something strictly It’s the high time to crack down 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.


Cut down

To reduce Government should cut down the prices of petrol in India.


Cut off

To interrupt She tried to cut off when we were talking to each other.


Fall apart

To disintegrate Both the brother have fallen apart due to a property’s dispute.


Fill up

To fill the tank of a vehicle I have been getting my car’s tank filled up from this gas station.


Fill in

To fill You need to fill in all the particulars before letting yourself in.


Get along

To have a good relationship He was getting along with his wife when that happened.

Get together

To meet socially The staff of our college got together for a formal meeting.


Give up

To surrender The easiest task of this world is to give up.


Give away

To gift someone The honourable Prime Minister of India gave away the prizes.


Give up on

To stop believing somebody I have given up on my friends after that incident happened.


Go ahead

To begin I have decided to go ahead with my classes.


Go through

To undergo something She has gone through a lot of trouble during this pandemic.


Hang up

To disconnect a call The child hanged up the phone as soon as his mother came.


Hang out

To spend time together aimlessly We have decided to hang out with our cousins.


Hold back

To stop You should hold back your anger while talking to others.


Hold on

To wait for a short while Would you mind holding the phone line for a minute?

Hold up

To rob at a gun point We were held up in Bihar while we were strolling in evening.


Keep on

To continue One should keep on smiling no matter what the situation is.


Kick off

To start/launch We should kick off a new IT project in order to mint money.


Kick in

To contribute in money collection She kicked in when people came to collect funds for Ram Mandir.


Kick out

To Eject Ram was kicked out of the company due to his rude behavior.


Knock down

To demolish The whole building was knocked down after giving a notice.


Lay down

To surrender Chinese soldiers will have to lay down before Indian soldiers soon.


Live up

To fulfill the expectations He was sorry for not living up to his mother’s expectations.


Live through

To survive a difficult period or event Sachin lived through the entire bad phase of his life bravely.


Let down

To disappoint A father can never let down his son in any of the situations.

Look For

To search Policemen were looking for the thieves in the whole town.


Look after

To take care of somebody She was appointed to look after the new-born baby


Look up

To find the word in dictionary I looked up that word in order to know its meaning.


Look into

To investigate The Principal must look into this case to find out the guilty.


Look forward to

To be excited about something She was looking forward to meeting her husband after a long time.


Make up

To transform somebody with cosmetics We were made up in a local parlor at the time of her wedding.


Make up

To compensate Who will make up for the losses happened during the pandemic?


Mess around

To fiddle aimlessly They went to a nearby mall and messed around here and there.


Mess up

To make a mess of She was completely messed up when I reached her home.


Move on

To leave someplace for betterment It was a great time to leave Holy Child Public School to move on.

Pass away

To die My father passed away at the age of 64.


Pass on

To convey I expect you will pass on my message to the gatekeeper.


Pick up

To Answer a call Why did you not pick up my call yesterday?


Play up

To misbehave She usually plays up with her parents especially after drinking.


Put up with

To tolerate The school decided not to put up with any of its employee.


Put out

To extinguish Some people came up to put out the fire of the shop.


Put on

To wear clothes I went to the trial room and put on a T-shirt.


Put up

To present something Students of class XII put up a great show on farewell.


Run out

To come to an end My bike ran out of petrol on the way to Manali.


Run off with

To elope with someone else She ran off with another man leaving her three kids behind.

Run over

To drive over somebody Five men were run over by a truck on N.H.8 yesterday.


See off

To say good bye to someone Why don’t you go to see off your sister at the airport?


See to

To take care of Make sure, you see to the new-born puppy.


Set up

To establish someone in business My father tried his level best to set me up in his business.


Stand by

To support A good friend always stands by you in every tough situation.


Stand out

To be extraordinary You can only stand out when you put in extraordinary efforts.


Stand up for

To speak something in support Everyone should stand up for those who are not getting salaries.


Split up

To end a marriage relationship Why don’t you split up with your dishonest husband?


Stop over

To stay somewhere for a short time We stopped over at a local restaurant while going to Jaipur.


Sell out

To sell the whole quantity The entire stock of Woodland is sold out.


Sort out

To organize something She has decided to sort out everything with her husband.

Slow down

To decrease the speed It is better to slow down the vehicle seeing a steep breaker.


Slack off

To do something with less energy She slacked off while making her project for the school.


Take after

To resemble This child resembles his mother altogether.


Take off

To leave the ground The plane took off at 8 PM and landed at Jammu airport at 11 PM.


Take over

To buy the ownership of a business We are planning to take over Burgerwala pretty soon.


Throw away

To waste Rohit Sharma threw away his wicket in the first session.


Turn up

To appear suddenly She left but never turned up again to see her property.


Turn out

To produce This friendship will turn out nothing but disappointments.


Think over

To consider something carefully The thought over and jumped to a conclusion after a short while.


Take off

To remove a piece of clothing Why don’t you take off your old shirt and put on a newer one.

Think up

To invent an idea Why don’t you think up and do some creative job?


Tip off

To warn against something illegal We were tipped off for selling illegal weapons before the raid.


Turn down

To refuse I turned down the proposal of a local school to join as a teacher.


Vouch for

To give guarantee My friend vouched for me when I went to borrow some money.


Vie for

To compete Why don’t you vie for the vice-President’s seat?


Vote for

To express a choice We shall always vote for the deserving candidate.

Walk out

To go out of someplace She walked out of the room as soon as I shared my problem.

Wash out

To cancel due to bad weather The match was washed out yesterday.

Work out

To exercise One should work out daily to stay mentally and physically fit.

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