Vocabulary for SSC CGL, IRDA, IBPS, HTET, TET, HSSC Exams with PDF File

Given below are the latest words (Vocabulary) used in The Times of India.



Look after To take care
Work out To exercise
Get by To survive
Stand by To support
Put up with To tolerate
Come over To visit
Get away with To escape
Put up To stay (Temporarily)
Run across To meet unexpectedly
Wait on To serve
Candid One who speaks directly
Rummage To frisk
To bite somebody’s bosom To trouble somebody
Conscientious Painstaking
Persuading One who can convince easily
To bite the dust To die/to quit
To crack the whip To be strict
On the pretext of By making an excuse
Amok Out of control
Turbulent Noisy
Vigorous Full of energy
Rigorous Strict
Heinous Extremely wicked
Thrash Beat hard
Lynch To murder
Outright Without restriction
Derogatory Low opinion
Thwart To prevent
Comprehensible Which can be understood
Incomprehensible Which can’t be understood
Vegetative Boring activity
Bog down To get stuck
Haywire To go insane
Trailblazer Innovator
Mow down To kill in group
Shudder To tremble
Kingpin Head of gang
Flag off To start
Dupe To cheat  somebody
Keep eyes skinned To be alert
Euthanasia Mercy killing
Sky dweller Who loves to fly in the sky
Cash on To take advantage
Gleeful Happy
Depose Force to leave
Buoy up To become more happy
Trigger To start
To chase tail To work hard but not get the result
To teach old dog new tricks To change somebody’s habit
Deify To consider somebody’s as God
Hefty Strong/Muscular
Castigate To rebuke/Scold
Spruce up To smarter
Infuse Instill
Vanity Arrogance
Incentivize To motivate
Steal march To have advantage of somebody
Sea change Major change
Rejig Put in  a new order
Sign on the dotted line To agree together
Undermine To destroy properly
Clutter/de-clutter To collect/Remove
Resurge To revive
Supercilious Arrogant
Exasperating Extremely annoyed
Put the cart before the horse To reverse the order
Discrepancy Disagreement
Dog’s breakfast Mess
Cash-strapped Without cash
Breakthrough Discovery
Bark up the wrong tree To look at the wrong place
Dubious Doubtful
Amass To collect
Feasible Possible
Jeopardize Endanger
Paucity Dearth
Concurrent Two activity occuring at the same time
Siphon To convey
Retrospective One who remembers his past
High-profile Famous
Flak Attack
Sleuth Observe
Sycophant Flatter
Icing on the cake when good thing happens over another good thing
Savory Tasty
Censure Harsh criticism
Break out To spread
Crunch time Stay back
Shape up /shape out To start performing better/to leave
No brainer Easy decision
Lilt To move musically
Hit the nail on the head To say something correct
Let the chips fall where they may Let the things happen
Shoot from the hip To speak  directly
Dig in your heel Refuse to compromise
Pull rabbit out of hat To do something unexpected
Nefarious Wicked
Ineffable Too great to be expressed
Eloquent Fluent
Mellifluous Sweet and pleasant voice
Cost an arm and  leg Very expensive
Canny Mean/Selfish
Opulent Rich and superior quality
Retort To answer back
Superfluous Extra/Useless
Superannuated To go old /To become out fashion
White elephant Very costly but useless


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