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Top-10 New Words in English Language

Let us present you top-10 words (volume-5) that can help you enriching your vocabulary. These words can be used in daily conversation formally or informally. You should always remember that one can only remember these words if one makes the use of them while speaking or writing. Given below are the words followed by their meanings and examples.

Word Meaning Example



He can’t do his work on time as he is a naïve.




Changeable Share markets of all the countries usually remain volatile.


An exceptional child Rahul is a prodigy. He can solve all these sums in a matter of seconds.


One who is not worried about anything

One of my friends is a nonchalant who is least bothered about what is happening in this country.




It is no use of being a corpulent. One should wake up and put off some weight.



A position well suited to the person who occupies it.

Shiyam found his niche in the academic world.



One who has variety

Sachin Tendulkar used to be a versatile player of Indian Cricket.


Generally accepted perspective

It is a paradigm that women can’t prove their mettle in wrestling.




The caliber of the students has gone from mediocre to above average.

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