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Top New Words

Let us present you top-10 words (volume-3 ) that can help you enriching your vocabulary. These words can be used in daily conversation formally or informally. You should always remember that one can only remember these words if one makes the use of them while speaking or writing. Given below are the words followed by their meanings and examples.

Word Meaning Example
Assuage to provide relief from pain. Only a doctor can assuage you when in need.


Antagonist Someone who offers opposition. Griffin is antagonist of the novel  ‘The Invisible Man’.


Convalesce To recover from illness. The patient is convalescing bit by bit after undergoing his surgery.


Synergise Working of two things together India should synergise With America for better outcome.


Kudos Congratulations Kudos to Indian team for winning the second test against Australia.


Adieu to bid farewell


It’s the high time to bid adieu to all senior problems
Superficial External The bleeding of that injured man was superficial.


Trivial of little significance It is useless to quarrel over trivial issues.


Misogynist One who hates women India is full of such misogynists that can’t see women growing.


Shuttle to travel back and forth There are many people who shuttle on daily basis.



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