Top 10 Words (Volume-2), New Vocabulary from leading newspapers

Top Words
Let us present you top-10 words (volume-2 )that can help you enriching your vocabulary. These words can be used in daily conversation formally or informally. You should always remember that one can only remember these words if one makes the use of them while speaking or writing. Given below are the words.


Word Meaning Example
Adamant Determined Rajkumar Shukla is adamant. He does whatever he wishes.


Subtle which is difficult to grasp


His behaviour is suble. One can’t understand it.
Snub To ignore or to disregard Akhilesh Yadav was snubbed by his own uncle for his dirty politics.


Subserveint Slavish Indians had subservient attitude towards Britishers in ancient times.


Doctor Alter It is believed that post-mortem reports were doctored in order to conceal the identity of a murderer.


Flamboyant One who shows off


The youth of India seem to be flamboyant nowadays.


Lethargic Lazy The only factor responsible for one’s failure is one’s lethargy.


Procrastinate to put off till tomorrow French people had to lose their language because they procrastinated.


Reluctant Unwilling Some of Pakistan’s singers are quite reluctant to turn up to Pakistan. They feel better in India.


Manoeuver To act in order to achieve something.


Some of the BJP leaders manoeuvered to get their seats in these elections because of Mr. Modi.


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