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Words For Positive and Negative Behaviour of Persons

Let us present you some of positive and negative views of persons behaviour. It is essential to learn how to explain somebody, his style and personality. To help you in doing so, we have brought some words and phrases for you that can prove fruitful to everybody going through. Just have a glimpse of some of them given below.


         POSITIVE                              NEGATIVE

Accepting Refusing
Active Inactive/ Lethargic
Aggressive Submissive
Agile Lazy
Alert Careless
Ambitious Unambitious
Amicable Inamicable
Angelic Diabolical
Articulate Inarticulate
Attentive Inattentive
Authoritative Submissive
Aware Unaware/ Ignorant
Balanced Imbalanced
Benevolent Malevolent
Benign Spiteful
Brave Coward
Brave/daring Coward
Care free Worry worn / fretful
Chivalric Coward
Clever Silly
Cold blooded Hot blooded
Colourful Dull
Competent Incompetent
Composed Tense/ nervous
Conciliating Provacating
Conscious Unconscious
Considerate Inconsiderate
Contented Discontented
Conventional Unconventional
Cool tempered Hot tempered
Co-operative Un co-operative
Cordial Unfriendly
Cosmopolitan Sectarian
Courteous Discourteous
Cultured Uncultured
Daring Retarding
Dashing unimpressive
Decisive Indecisive
Determined Wavering/ undetermined
Dignified Undignified
Diplomatic Undiplomatic
Disgusting Pleasing
Docile Rebellious
Dominating Submissive
Dutiful Negligent
Dynamic Static
Ecstatic Depressed
Elegant Inelegant/ uncultivated
Elevating Condescending
Enterprising unenterprising
Enthusiastic Unenthusiastic
Ever smiling Ever crying
Extravagant Parsimonious
Extrovert Introvert
Exuberant Restrained
Flexible Rigid/Adamant
Forgiving Impatient
Formal Informal
Frank/Open Secretive
Gay Dull/morose
Generous Ungenerous
Generous Callous
Gentle Harsh
Gentle Rude
Gentlemanly Ungentlemanly
Graceful Disgraceful
Gullible Distrusting
Helping Withdrawing
High morale Low morale
Honest Dishonest/corrupt
Hopeful Frustrated
Human Inhuman
Humanitarian Inhuman
Indomitable Submissive
Indulgent Restrictive
Intelligent Stupid/unintelligent
Interesting Boring/ uninteresting
Jovial Perplexed
Joyous Solemn/morose
Kind Cruel
Laborious Slothful
Liberal Bigoted
Masculine Effeminate
Merciful Merciless/ ruthless
Mild Ferocious
Modern Backward/conservative
Modest Showy/immodest
Narrow  minded Broad minded
Obedient Disobedient
Optimistic Pessimistic
Outgoing Withdrawn/home sick
Outspoken Reserved
Patient Impatient
Percentive Gullible
Pious Impious
Pleasant Annoying/Unpleasant
Polished Unpolished
Polite Rude
Predictable Unpredictable
Princely Beggarly
Professional Unprofessional/amateur
Proud/Arrogant Humble/ modest
Prudent Imprudent
Puritanic Unpuritanic
Quick Sluggish
Quiet Noisy
Rational Irrational
Refined Unrefined
Relaxed Tense/ uneasy
Reliable Unreliable
Religious Agnostic
Restive Restless/Pensive
Restrictive Permissive
Rigid Flexible
Sacrificing Greedy/Exacting
Sane Insane
Sanguine Doubtful
Scientific Unscientific
Self controlled Short tempered
Selfish Selfless
Sensational Ineffective
Serene Perturbed
Shrewd Stupid
Simple Scheming
Simpleton Clever
Sincere Insincere
Sincere Insincere
Slow Rash/fast
Sober Rowdy/Loud
Social able Reserved
Soft spoken Loud mouthed/rude
Sophisticated Rustic/Unsophisticated
Spendthrift Stingy
Straight forward Crooked/ hypocrite
Strict Indulgent
Sweet natured Ill natured
Sycophant Straight forward
Sympathetic Unsympathetic
Tactful Tactless
Theistic Atheistic
Trusting Distrusting
Trustworthy Untrustworthy
Versatile Unresourceful
Well mannered Ill  mannered
Well mannered Churlish
Wise Unwise
Yielding Unyielding

Other Vocabulary Notes

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