Fire and Ice | Robert Frost | Poem – 2 | Class X | English | CBSE |


Fire and Ice | Robert Frost | Poem – 2 | Class X | English | CBSE |



This poem revolves around desires, hatred especially peace which can be easily maintained on this earth with love, care, understanding and sympathy if one wants. According to the poet, both Fire and Ice can lead to the end of this world.

In this poem, Robert Frost initially analyses about the end of the world. He is absolutely sure about the reasons of this end. According to him, either fire or cold will be responsible for the end of this world. He describes fire as excessive desire of something and cold as hatred and feeling of indifference towards one another. Having much fire (Passion and desire) can lead to destruction of a relationship easily whereas having much coldness (Indifference and Hatred) can also be equally devastating.

In totality, according to him both fire and ice are harmful for humans and can be destroying. As the saying goes “Excess of everything is bad.” Excessive passion and desire for something or somebody can be harmful and on the other hand, hatred for one can also ruin one’s life.

Poetic Devices

  1. Rhyme Scheme : abaa bcbcb
  2. Alliteration: Some say the world will end in fire. Some say the world will end in Ice
  3. Paradox : But it had to perish twice
  4. Symbolism : Fire, symbol of desire whereas Ice, symbol of hate


Important Questions

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