The Hundred Dresses Part 1 Class 10 | El Bsor Ester | Chapter 5 |


The Hundred Dresses Part 1 Class 10 | El Bsor Ester | Chapter 5 | English |

Summary of The Hundred Dresses 

This story revolves around a poor Polish girl whose name is Wanda Petronski. She hails from Poland and everyone in her class finds her name strange but interesting. She is an extremely shy girl and hardly talks to anyone in the class therefore she has only few friends in the class whom she shares her space with. She lives at Bogging Heights with her family along with many other poor people of the city.

Wanda puts on a blue-coloured faded dress whenever she comes to school which makes others believe that she is a poor girl and hardly has anything else to wear. She joins an American school wherein she sits quietly in the corner on last seat along with other students who are not good at academics or score good marks. Wanda, usually, speaks and a lot about her hundred dresses which, she says are made of velvet and silk and all have different designs especially the pale blue one and the other one with green sash.

On the other hand, there are two girls namely Peggy and Maddie who are close friends. Peggy is a pretty girl who often makes fun of Wanda interrogating her about her hundred dresses in order to let down her. On the contrary, Maddie always wants Peggy not to get into such trifles but dares not do so as she is feared. All of a sudden, For few day, Wanda starts getting absent from school which disturbs both Peggy and Maddie who are badly missing the fun of laughing at her. They both wait for her at the corner of a street where they often meet her but she does not turn up. They keep waiting for few days but when find her not coming, return to their daily work.

Then comes the result day of the Most Beautiful Dress Competition wherein Wanda Petronski wins the best prize for her self-made hundred sketches of shining and beautiful dresses that are displayed at every nook and corner of the room and praised by all and sundry. The teacher discloses that she had submitted hundred sketches of dresses and every sketch is so beautiful that it deserves the best prize.


Important Questions/Answers

Question 1: Where did Wanda sit and Why?

Answer : Wanda was a poor girl who lived at Bogging Heights with her family. She lacked in confidence therefore sat quietly at the back of the class in the corner with students who were not good at academics. 

Question 2: Where did Wanda live? What kind of a place was it?

Answer : Wanda lived at Bogging Heights with her family along with many other poor people of the city. It was a filthy place only meant for the deprived people who could hardly survive in the cities.

Question 3: What did Wanda usually speak of? How did others react to it?

Answer : Wanda would tell everyone about her hundred dresses which she said were made of velvet and silk. Other students of her school ridiculed her of her claim and never believed in what she said. 

Question 4: When did Maddie and Peggy realise that there was something wrong with Wanda?

Answer : Peggy and Maddie along with other students usually made fun of Wanda about her claim of having hundred dresses. Having been subjected to a lot of torture, Wanda had to leave her school. When she started getting absent from school regularly, they realised that something was wrong.

Question 5: Who won the best prize for the most beautiful dress? Why was Wanda declared the winner?

Answer : Wanda, who always claimed to have hundred beautiful dresses, was declared the winner. she had submitted self-made sketches of hundred dresses and every sketch was so beautiful that it deserved the best prize.

Question 6: What did Wanda wear everyday at school? What view did others have about Wanda’s wearing the same dress repeatedly?

Answer :Wanda put on a blue-coloured faded dress whenever she came to school. That made others believe that she was a poor girl who hailed from a hand-to-mouth family and hardly had anything else to wear.

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