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Two Stories About Flying Summary Class 10 by Liam O’Flaherty | Fredrik Forsyth | Class X |

Two Stories About Flying Summary

This chapter ‘Two Stories about Flying’ is all about two different stories of determination, courage and optimism which are mandatory for one’s life in order to overcome and conquer the fear one has. Besides, it also proves the saying absolutely true that ‘where there is a will, there is a way.’

 Summary of His First Flight 

Two Stories About Flying Summary: The story ‘His First Flight’ is narrated beautifully by Liam O’Flaherty wherein narrates a story of a young seagull who is damn scared of taking his first flight as he fears that he would not be supported by his wings and he would fall down. On the other hands, all his siblings are courageous enough to take the plunge despite the fact that they have smaller wings than him. He tries his level best to summon all his strength but, the moment, he comes to the brink of the ledge, he gets feared and backs off immediately. This goes on for long. For that, he is constantly lambasted by his parents for not being fearless enough to take a step further but all their efforts go in vain. He keeps on watching others being taught how to skim the waves and catch for fish but doesn’t move an inch and make it possible for him to fly.

Once, his whole family flies to a big plateau whereas the young seagull keeps on sitting lonely on the opposite cliff due to his fear of flying. After few hours, he starts starving therefore requests his mother to bring him some food lest he should die of hunger. Seeing the gravity of the situation and her young one dying of hunger, his mother brings a fresh fish for him so that he can eat and survive. Infuriated by hunger, he, forthwith, jumps at the fish without giving it a second thought with a loud cry. Instead of catching the fish, he starts falling outward and downward into the space. Keeping his death in mind and trying to save him, he spreads his wings and starts flying in the infinite sky with his siblings.

Summary of Black Aeroplane

The Second story ‘Black Aeroplane’ is written by Fredrik Forsyth that revolves around a pilot who wants to be with his family and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast with them as soon as possible in England. In order to reach there, he needs to fly from France to England to share some quality time with them .The moment he crosses Paris, he comes across innumerable dark-bellied clouds that look more like black and gigantic mountains. Nevertheless, he flies through the clouds without being afraid. Soon he realizes that everything around him has turned completely dark and nothing is visible to him with naked eyes. Besides, he loses his control of his plane and realizes that his end is near.

All of a sudden, he finds other plane there without lights on its wings. But the pilot of the plane waves at him and advises to follow his plane. The narrator, without giving a second thought, follows the other pilot since his plane’s fuel tank is low and radio signals are not in order. Soon he goes across the dark clouds and lands himself safely on the runway with the help of the other pilot. After landing there, he rushes to the reception in order to enquire about the pilot who had showed him the way in such a treacherous situation for he wants to thank him for saving his life. To his surprise, he is told by the woman in the control center that there was no other airplane other than his in the night sky.


Short Answer Type Questions

Q1. Why was the young seagull scared?

Ans. Young seagull had lack of confidence. He was damn scared of taking his first flight as he fears that he would not be supported by his wings and he would fall down. His fear would not let him fly along with other siblings of him.

Q2. Why was the young seagull lambasted by his parents?

Ans. Young Seagull was always feared of flying. He was constantly lambasted by his parents for not being fearless enough to take a step further but all their efforts went in vain. His inability to dare made him feel inferior in front of others.

Q3. What happened when Seagull’s whole family flew to a plateau?

Ans. Seagull was always doubtful of his wings whether he would be supported by them at the time of flying or not. When his whole family flew to a plateau, he kept on sitting there watching them. In this way, he showed his cowardice once again.

 Q4. How did young Seagull finally manage to fly in the end?

Ans. Seeing his family sitting at a distance and dying of starvation, young Seagull requested his mother to bring some food for he was dying of hunger. Having seen the fish brought by his mother, he jumped all of sudden and started falling downwards. In order to save his life, he summoned all his strength and tried to fly. In the end, he managed to succeed and save his life. In this way, he learned how to fly as well.

Q5. Why was the pilot in hurry to reach England?

Ans. The pilot had not seen his family for a long time. Therefore, he wanted to reach England as soon as possible for he wanted to have sumptuous lunch with his family after a while. Therefore, he had to travel from France to England by air.

Q6. What happened when the pilot was on the way to England?

Ans. The Pilot came across many dark-bellied clouds on the way which obstructed his way to reach home. Besides, he lost his control over his plane for he was unable to find out where to go. He was getting hopeless until he got to see another pilot.

Q7. How could the pilot manage to come out of danger?

Ans. The pilot had lost his way and was almost on the verge of dying. All of a sudden, he got to see another pilot in a plane waving at him and advising him to follow. Seeing him among the dark clouds, he got optimistic and started following him till he landed safely on the runway. With the help of another pilot, he managed to save himself.

Q8. What did the pilot come to know when he landed at the reception?

Ans. Having landed on the runway, the pilot rushed at reception to know about the other pilot who had managed to bring him out through the dark and treacherous clouds. Having enquired, he got to know that there was no one else in the sky except himself which surprised him the most.


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