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Dust of Snow by Robert Frost

‘Dust of Snow’ is one of the simplest and smallest poems written by Robert frost with a deeper connotations wherein he expresses the importance of small things which can alter one’s attitude altogether. Besides, it highlights how little things can bring about a massive change in our life as well as future. It also sheds light on hard times followed by good times in one’s life.


In this poem, the poet recalls a small incident that alters his mood altogether. According to him, he was extremely despondent once and sitting under a hemlock tree. All of a sudden, a crow appeared out of nowhere, sat on it and shook the tree completely. As a result, some particles of snow fell down upon the poet. It seemed to him as if he had got a new life. This incident transformed his mindset. He started enjoying that moment and decided not to waste his day anymore being negative and sad.

Poetic Devices

  1. Rhyme Scheme : abab cdcd
  2. Alliteration : Has given my heart, Saved some part
  3. Assonance : Shook Down on me


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