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Dust of Snow Class 10 by Robert Frost

‘Dust of Snow’ is one of the simplest and smallest poems written by Robert frost with a deeper connotations wherein he expresses the importance of small things which can alter one’s attitude altogether. Besides, it highlights how little things can bring about a massive change in our life as well as future. It also sheds light on hard times followed by good times in one’s life.

Summary of Dust of Snow

In this poem, the poet recalls a small incident that alters his mood altogether. According to him, he was extremely despondent once and sitting under a hemlock tree. All of a sudden, a crow appeared out of nowhere, sat on it and shook the tree completely. As a result, some particles of snow fell down upon the poet. It seemed to him as if he had got a new life. This incident transformed his mindset. He started enjoying that moment and decided not to waste his day anymore being negative and sad.

Poetic Devices of Dust and Snow

  1. Rhyme Scheme : abab cdcd
  2. Alliteration : Has given my heart, Saved some part
  3. Assonance : Shook Down on me

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