Amanda | Robin Klein | Poem-6 | Class X | English | Summary |


Amanda | Robin Klein | Poem-6 | Class X | English | Summary |



This poem revolves around upbringing of a small girl namely Amanda. Besides, it highlights the problems faced by the children during their upbringing.

In the first stanza of the poem, we can see that the little girl is being instructed by someone probably by her mother not to bite her nails and hunch her shoulders. The way of instruction is not at all polite and not being liked by her. Therefore, she seems not to be taking all that seriously. The lines given within the bracket showcase a clear picture that Amanda seems to be lost in her own world wherein she feels as if she were a mermaid and sailing with the waves of the green sea. She is least affected by the orders being showered by her parents.

In the second stanza, she is being inquired by her parents if she had finished her homework or not and tided up her room or not. The parent seems to have lost her cool which is quite visible from the exclamation mark used by the poet. She is being coached and reminded to clean her shoes as well. Her parent is trying her level best to make her disciplined. Moreover, the lines given in the bracket, once again, show the reaction of Amanda. She imagines herself to be an orphan who is roaming the street freely. She is making designs with her bare feet and enjoying the freedom avoiding all the instructions of her mother.

In the third stanza, she is once again being passed a set of instructions wherein she is being advised not to eat chocolate keeping her growing acnes in mind. Besides, the reaction of the speaker in the last line symbolizes the anger towards her for Amanda has not been paying even the least attention to her mother’s instructions. Her mother wants her to heed to her words and listens to what she says.  The lines given within the bracket highlights Amanda’s point of view. According to her, she is lost in her own dreams and picturing herself as Rapunzel, a fairy tale character who lives in a castle and doesn’t care about anything. She is living peacefully there and doesn’t want her hair to be down at all.

In the last stanza, the parent seems to be defending herself and improving her image in the minds of the readers. She keeps on instructing Amanda to stop sulking but all in vain. Amanda has been lost in her own meditations and not paying attention to her.


Poetic Devices

  1. Alliteration: Stop that slouching and sit up straight, I thought I told you…
  2. Allusion: Mermaid, Rapunzel
  3. Metaphor: I am an orphan, Silence if golden, freedom is speech.


Important Questions

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