Madam Rides the Bus | Vallikkannan | Chapter 9 | First Flight | English |


Madam Rides the Bus | Vallikkannan | Chapter 9 | First Flight | English |



This chapter ‘Madam Rides the Bus’ revolves around a eight-year-old girl wherein the author describes her first bus journey by bus. She collects money for that and finally experiences a fascinating journey.

Valli was the nick name of Valliammai who was eight-year-old. She was so inquisitive that she wanted to know about each and everything happening around her. But, unfortunately, she had no one around to spend time with of her own age. So what she did, she would stand in front of the door and rejoiced the things happening outside. The thing that fascinated her the most was the bus that often travelled from her street. She always dreamt of travelling in it. Whenever, any friend of her travelled by bus and described her about the journey she did, she got furious and jealous of her.

She would question the people, especially those who regularly travelled, about the fare and the journey time. Ultimately, she got to know that each trip cost around 30 paise and took almost 45 minutes. Since then, she kept on planning in order to travel by that bus.

Once she boarded that bus on a spring afternoon. That bus was in mint condition with new, soft and luxurious seats. She enjoyed everything happening outside the bus such as; the canal the palm trees, mountains and the infinite sky. On the other hand, the bus conductor was a kind of jolly person who was calling her as madam all the time he spoke to her. She was ecstatic to see the adamancy of a cow which was not moving an inch despite continuous honking of the bus driver.

She even didn’t get off the bus when It reached the town. The conductor asked her to get down but she refused stating that she would go back in the same bus. She was offered a cold drink by the conductor but she turned down his offer.

During her return journey, she found the same cow dead on the road that was running towards the bus in the morning, which made her gloomy and filled her with sadness. Now, she was no longer looking outside the window as if she were haunted by that dead cow. The bus finally reached her village at three forty. She got down and ran straight to her home without delaying. The best part was that her mother did not even get to know about her journey.

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