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The proposal Class 10 by Anton Chekov 

Summary of The Proposal

The proposal Class 10 by Anton Chekov : This chapter revolves around Lomov and his well-off neighbor named Chubokov. Lomov goes to seek the hand of his neighbour’s daughter but they start quarreling with one another. Ultimately, the proposal is made but the fight continues among all over trifles.

This one-act play is set in a rural countryside of Russia at Chubukov’s house. Lomov, the protagonist, goes there to meet his neighbor with a purpose. He is made to sit down and enquired about the purpose of his visiting Chubokov’s house. Initially, Chubokov thinks that he has come to borrow money from him but when disclosed the real reason; he comes to know that the prime purpose of Lomov is to seek his daughter’s (Natalya) hand. Chubokov gets ecstatic hearing all that. He starts hugging and kissing Lomov and tells him that he always hoped that he would come to ask for his daughter’s hand.

Having got the consent from her father, he starts jumping like a mad man. He starts showering praises on Natalya calling her educated, modest and a good housekeeper. All of a sudden, Natalya comes and enquires about the reason of Lomov’s coming and his wearing an evening dress. Lomov tells him everything from scratch. He also mentions that he knows Natalya’s family for a long time. Besides, he tells her that his Oxen Meadows touch Natalys’s Birchwood. Having heard this, Natalya claims that Oxen Meadows are hers not his.

Now the argument commences, Natalya keeps on claiming that the Oxen Meadow are theirs. On the contrary, Lomov continues justifying that the land belongs to him and had been given by his aunt’s grandmother to her father’s grandfather and the farmers used that land almost for forty years. On the other hand, Natalya says that they had that land for nearly 300 years. After a short while, they start shouting at each other and the argument continues between them.

Suddenly, Chubokov enters and he, too, claims that Oxen Meadows are owned by them. He starts supporting his daughter but Lomov continues denying their claims. Chubokov advises Lomov to behave himself for he is twice of his age. On the other hand, Lomov calls Chubokov a land grabber. He accuses him of encroaching his land and taking him to court. In addition to this, they start defaming each other’s relatives and start abusing each other. Having heard all that, Lomov leaves.

After he had left, Chubokov tells the reason of Lomov’s visit to Natalya. Hearing all that, she starts crying and asks her father to bring him back to home. Lomov enters again but they, once again, start arguing over the breed of dogs. Chubokov once again enters and supports his daughter.

At the end of the drama, Chubokov calls himself helpless and starts accusing himself of all that. He requests Lomov to get his daughter married as soon as possible to end this chaos. He also tells him that Natalya is ready to marry him as well. At the end of the play, he offers champagne on that occasion.


Important Questions/Answers of The Proposal

Question 1 : Why did Lomov go to meet his neighbour Chubokov? What did the latter think of his visit to his home?

Answer : Lomov loved Chubokov’s daughter namely Natalya a lot. He had gone there to seek her hand for he was in love with her and wanted to marry her as soon as possible. On the other hand, Chubokov thought that he had come to borrow some money from him.

Question 2 : How did Lomov react when Natalya’s father got ready to hand him in the hand of his daughter?

Answer : Lomov loved Chubokov’s daughter (Natalya) a lot. He had gone to latter’s home to seek her hand for marriage. To his surprise, Chubokov got ready to get them married. Having seen her beloved’s father reaction, he felt ecstatic.

Question 3 : What was the sole reason of dispute between Lomov and Natalya’s family?

Answer : The fight between Lomov and Natalya arose when they started discussing about Oxen meadows. Both of them started making their claims on the land and commenced shouting at each other which led to an arguement.

Question 4 : What happened when Lomov was brought in again for the second time?

Answer : Lomov had left Chubokov’s home for he did not want to get into hot water by arguing with Natalya and Chubokov. But, when Natalya came to know the real reason of his visit, she started crying and wanted him to be brought in at any cost. He was brought back by Chubokov but all went in vain for they once again started arguing about breed of dogs. 

Question 5 : Why did Lomov call Chubokov a land grabber?

Answer : Lomov thought that Chubokov and his family had encroached his Oxen Meadows. He accused him of cheating him and threatened him to be taken to court. 

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