The Hundred Dress-II | El Bsor Ester | Chapter 6 | Class X | English |

The Hundred Dress-II | El Bsor Ester | Chapter 6 | Class X |



In the second part of the story, we all get to read that Wanda Petronski has left the school without informing any one. While everybody is showering the praises on Wanda for the art of drawing dresses, a notice from the Principal comes whereby they all come to know about her leaving the school. Actually, a letter is sent by Wanda’s father wherein he mentions the reason of her leaving the school. According to him, she is leaving the school for she is fed up of being bullied by her mates. Therefore, they all are going to settle in a big city where no such problem would be there.

Miss Mason understands each and everything and asks everyone not to ridicule, hurt and play with the sentiments of others. When students of her class get to know all this, they feel embarrassed for what they did with Wanda which led her to leave the school especially Maddie and Peggy. They both realize their mistakes and decide to go to her home and apologise for what they have done so far.

Having reached there, they find that Wanda lived in poor house with her family and she has already left the place which adds more to their embarrassment.  They both decide to write a friendly letter to letter to her in order to apologise. In their letter, Peggy tries to justify herself saying that it was her whose criticism helped Wanda win that drawing competition. On the other hand, Maddie apologizes for their rude behavior and criticism. In Toto, they want to ask forgiveness for their mean and ill treatment to her and wait for her reply.

After few months, they get their reply addressed to Miss Mason. Wanda asks Miss Mason to give the drawing of green dress to Peggy and the blue one to Maddie from her hundred dresses. Besides, she adds that she has joined a new school but she still misses her old school and teachers. In the end, Maddie starts crying visualizing Wanda’s face in the drawing of dress given by Wanda but she is consoled by her friend Peggy.

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