From the Diary of Anne Frank | Chapter 4 | First Flight | Class X |


From the Diary of Anne Frank | Chapter 4 | First Flight | 


The chapter ‘From the Diary of Anne Frank’ revolves around narrator and her experience of noting down the important events, incidents and every other important thing in her diary especially during her days of hiding. She writes minute things about her life and surroundings in her personal diary and considers it as if it were her true and best friend.

Anne Frank is a thirteen-year-old girl who is once gifted with a diary by her parents. She, immediately, names is ‘Kitty’ and decides to write and confide each and everything that happens to her especially to get rid of her loneliness. The little girl, not so little anymore, believes that paper has more patience than people. Moreover, she thinks that no one would be entertained after reading her diary as she is a small girl. She begins writing it on her 13th birthday wherein she shares her typical journey of being a girl, her academics, friendship with other girls and more importantly, her crushes on boys. She stops writing diaries at the age of 15.

At the time of invasion of Germans over Holland, her family has to hide itself and leave to Netherlands to escape prosecution in Germany. They have to move into a small secret annex where they supported by the employees of a local firm with food, medicines and other basic things. On the other hand, Anne keeps on noting down all the happenings in her diary whatever is happening to them. She loves her father a lot but finds her mother lacking in love and care. She is frequently scolded by Mr. and Mrs. Daan and Mr. Dussel therefore she keeps a note of it as well along with her close relationship with Peter Van Daan, a teenager in the annex. She fails to understand the reason of Jews being isolated and persecuted. She considers Holland her home where many of the Dutch have gone against the Jews.

She mentions in her diary about her classroom that how they all worried about the homework in their class. Her fear of Mathematics and figures also finds a good place in her diary. Besides, she recollects how her Mathematics teacher always remained annoyed owing to her talkativeness. As a result, she is given an essay to write on the topic of ‘Chatterbox’ which she somehow writes. But, the Professor again gives her the same topic to write. She runs out of ideas and write that sarcastically. To her surprise, her Professor reads it aloud in front of the whole class.

Her diary elaborates her struggle to define herself in the atmosphere of oppression. Her diary ends without any comment on August 1, 1944. The entire family is arrested on August 4, 1944 ultimately. Finally, Anne’s diary writing comes to an abrupt and sad end. Otto Frank, one of her family members survives from all that and recovers Anne’s diary from Miep. He makes up his mind to fulfill Anne’s wishes by publishing the diary.

Since it is a personal account of a life in a hiding, it is not possible to analyze it as a fictional or a non-fictional work.

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