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What is Story Writing?

Story writing is considered to be an art. It is the one of the oldest forms of written composition and striking way to express one’s feelings. A story should be easy to understand and it should use short words, phrases and sentences which are accessible. A short story is meant to be read in a single sitting and should not take too long to read aloud. Short stories have one main character, one plot, and one theme. This is different from novels which have more than one main character and more than one theme. Short stories teach students to think about broader themes that run throughout the material.

Sample of Story Writing

1. Write a short story based on the following outline:

Two cats – hungry – a loaf of bread – can’t divide – each greedy – wants more – a clever monkey – offered to help – bit by bit – rate the bread – his fee – bread finished – cats foolish – still hungry.

Sharing is Caring

Once upon a time there was a village where two cats lived. One day, the cats were hungry and they looked for food but they couldn’t find any. They saw a loaf of bread on the road. The cats wanted to eat it all, but they couldn’t agree on who would get the bigger piece of bread. So they asked a monkey who was passing by if he could help them solve their problem. And he said that he could help them out! He only took a small bite of the bread. He then took a bigger bite to make it equal with what he had taken. He kept doing that until he had eaten all of the bread. The two cats were surprised that they did not know what was happening and they were hungry for the rest of the day.

2. Complete the following story. 

Kalu, the grocer, was very greedy. He would adulterate his pulses mixing stones and adding coloured sand in spices and sell them to the poor villagers. The villagers complained to him but he did not heed for his was the only grocery store in the village.

Greed is Curse

There was a grocery store in Kalurampura village in India. The owner’s name was Kalu Prasad. He sold all the food that villagers needed – such as lentils, spices, and rice. But he was not honest. He would adulterate his pulses and added stones into the lentils and rice and colored sand in the spices to make them more expensive for poor people to buy. The villagers complained to him but he did not heed for his was the only grocery store in the village.

The panchayat told him to give good food to everyone. He did that for a few days, but then he went back to his old ways. One day his son was very sick and he had to go buy medicine from the next village. He bought medicine from someone there who was just as bad as him. Then he gave it to his son and found out that the boy’s condition got worse. All of the villagers prayed so hard for the boy, and one of them telegrammed someone in town for more medicine. When cheated by someone, he realized his mistake that how much could adulteration affect.

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