Report Writing For Class 12 | Class 11 | Format | Marking Scheme |


Report Writing For Class 12 | Class 11 | Format | Marking Scheme |

What is Report Writing?

A report is a written account of an event that has already occurred. It is systematic and well organized. A report can be used to find out what you have learned or for assessing your reading, research, or experience.

Report Writing Format 

In the CBSE Class 12 English Board and Class 11 English Examination, there are two types of reports which are frequently asked. These are a newspaper report and a magazine report. A newspaper report is one that is printed in a paper whereas a magazine report is most often written for a school magazine. It comes in choice with Article Writing, Speech Writing and Debate Writing. Format of Report Writing is given below.

Train Derails near Haridwar-Kills Twenty, Injures More Than Hundred

(By: Ramesh Prajapti)

7th September, Haridwar: Answer the questions such as; What happened?, When did it happen?, Where did it happen?, How did it happen? along with a relevant and coherent conclusion.

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Marking Scheme of Report Writing 

The word limit for writing a report lies between 120-150 words. It will carry 5 marks in Class 12 Board Term 2 Examination. Marking Scheme of Report Writing is given below.

Report Writing Format 01 mark
Content 02 marks
Expression 02 marks
Total 5 marks
  • Format : 01 Mark
  1. Title and By-Line
  • Content : 2 Marks
  1. Facts abut the topic-cause and effects of the issue
  2. Data and examples / real input
  3. Conclusion by giving suggestions
  • Expression and Creativity : 2 Marks
  1. Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings
  2. Coherence and relevance of ideas and style 

Features of a Good Report

  1. A good report is brief and it adheres to the topic.
  2. It provides relevant information.
  3. It is logical and coherent.
  4. It has answers of questions begin with WH Family such as; What, When, Where, How etc.
  5. It has appropriate conclusion.

Format of Report Writing

  1. Headline– A brief but eye-catching title
  2. By line- Name of the person who is writing the report (Usually given in the question/heading)
  3. Brief Introduction – Briefly elaborate the account of the event/accident etc. (Must have answers of What, When, Where, Why, How, Who…)
  4. Conclusion– This include how the event/incident ended. 

Tips for Writing a Good Report

  1. Use formal but simple language
  2. Avoid writing at a stretch. Make paragraphs to make it interesting.
  3. Have a good hold on Past tense (Both Active & Passive Voice) for most of the reports are asked to be written elaborating a past event/accident/incident.
  4. Read as many reports as you can before putting pen to paper.
  5. Make it presentable, write it neatly and clearly.
  6. Use Active and Passive Voice in 70:30 ratio.
  7. Avoid writing long sentence. Make small sentences.
  8. Take care of punctuation.

Samples of Report Writing

  1. Report based on an Accident
  2. Report based on an Event
  3. Report on Train Derailment


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