Format of Debate Writing Class 11 Class 12 | CBSE | NCERT |


Format of Debate Writing Class 11 Class 12 | CBSE | NCERT |

Meaning of Debate

Debate is a way to express your opinion. There are two sides and you choose the side you think is right. The motive of a debate is to exhibit one’s skill and ability in arguing be it in favour or against the motion.

Format of Debate

A very pleasant morning to respected members of management, worthy teachers and all my docile peers. Today, I am standing here on behalf of the school to express my views in favour of the topic/against the topic (write either) ‘Should Women Go Out to Work’. I hope all of you will pay heed to my words and listen to me attentively.

(Make at least 3 or 4 paragraphs)

  • Explain either some positives or some negatives of topic asked above. (If has positives, write positive or has negatives, write negatives)

For example ‘Women contribute a lot to the GDP of a country therefore’ etc….

  • Write few quotes related to the topic in between the content.

For example ‘Women are assets not liabilities’-Anonymous

  • Put up the questions in between the content.

For example ‘Did you know only 13 percent of Indian women go out and work?’ 0r ‘Do you know that women can play a major role in making of a developed country?’

  • Conclude the topic in the end with your views

For example: We should respect women and offer them enough freedom to make their dreams come true.

In the end, I want to acknowledge the support shown by the people sitting here. I even want to thank everyone for being so patient listeners throughout my delivery of words.

Thank you !

Sample of Debate Writing 

Format of Debate Writing Class 11 Class 12

Marking Scheme of Debate Writing

  • Format – 1 Mark
  • Greeting / Salutation / Addressing the audience
  • Introduction of the topic – For or Against the Motion/Complimentary close
  • Content – 4 Marks
  • Facts about the topic/Causes and effects of the issue
  • Date and Examples / Real Input
  • Contradiction to opponent’s views- to oppose the opponent’s statement conclusion
  • Expression – 5 Marks
  • Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings — 2.5 Marks
  • Coherence and relevance of ideas and style– 2.5 Marks

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