Classified Advertisement | Format | Examples | Class XI and XII |

Classified Advertisement Class 12 | Format | Examples | Class 11 and 12 |

Classified Advertisements are very important for your board examinations. The word limit for these ads is 50 words so we have to be very particular while making such ads. They are of many types such as: Matrimonial advertisement, To Let, For Sale, Opening, Missing, Lost and Found, Change of Name, Kennel, Bride Wanted, Groom Wanted, Situation Vacant, Situation Wanted, Tours and Travels etc. It comes in choice with Notice, Invitation and Poster Making.

We have tried our level best to make some sample of advertisements. Students are advised to adhere to the formats being taught in their classes. These are merely examples. Make sure you follow the word limit and format taught by the respected teachers. It is not mandatory that classified advertisement will surely be the part of board examination. You may also read Formal Letters, Notice, Invitation, Classified Advertisement, Debate, Speech, Articles, Reports, Note Making, Poetic Devices for better understanding.

We would love to see you scoring higher after reading the MCQ of Grammar, MCQ of Notice Writing, MCQ of Letter to the Editor, MCQ of Classified Advertisement, MCQ of Article Writing, MCQ of Business Letters. Besides, reading them will clear all your doubts about what kind of questions will be put up in the upcoming exams.

Bride Wanted

Classified Advertisement

Change of Name

For Sale

Groom Wanted

Points to Remember For Groom Wanted Ad : Brief Description of the boy you want to marry, Brief description of the Girl, Choices, Contact Details etc. You may also go through other subjects like MCQs of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Music, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Physical Education & English for Class 12 in order to have a strong hold on the subject with an intent to score higher in the first term examination.

Lost and Found

Points to Add in For Lost and Found Ad : Product you have lost or found, Brief Details, Contact Number, Reward in case you lost something.



Situation Vacant

Situation Wanted

To Let

Classified Advertisement

Tours and TravelsClassified Advertisement Class 12


We hope we have reached the minds of the students through these selected ads. In case, you want us to add some more type of classified advertisement, you can comment in the box given below.


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