Informal Invitation | Format | Replies | Samples | Marking Scheme |

Informal Invitation | Format | Replies | Samples | Marking Scheme |

Informal Invitation 

One receives a lot of formal invitations and invites others, too,  every year for one’s marriage, engagement ceremony or house warming. But there are cases when one has to extend one’s invitations to closed ones (Relatives, Friends, Acquaintances) personally to the occasions. In that case, we write informal invitations to them. Such invitations are sent for personal occasions.

Important Points To Remember

  • Write it in First person (I/We)
  • Write only Sender’s address, avoid Receiver’s address
  • Write Date as well however year not required
  • Begin Salutation with Dear
  • Avoid Subject
  • Close the invitation with Your loving friend/sister/brother/nephew/niece etc.
  • Use informal vocabulary
  • Use Active Voice and avoid Passive Voice as much as possible


Sender’s address



Write content (Body of Informal Invitation) in about 50 words


Your loving brother/sister



Mr. R.K. Sharma of 209 A Block, Eden Gardens, Bawal has decided to have a party on the occasion of his 25th wedding anniversary. Draft an invitation inviting his friend in about 50 words. Invent necessary details.


209, A Block

Eden Gardens

18th April

Dear Ram

We would like to invite you to our 25th wedding anniversary to be held on 25th of this month at our home for a small party at 6 pm. We expect you to reach timely and enjoy the celebration. The dress-code for this event is Black and Golden. 

Looking forward to meeting you !

Your loving friend

R.K. Sharma

Reply to Invitations

There are basically two types of replies wherein one either accepts the invitation or declines the invitation in order to clear whether one is going to be the part of that event or not. Given below are both the samples of Acceptance and Declination

Sample of Acceptance 

(Being Written on Behalf of Ram)

4316, Shukarpura

Panipat (Hr.)

23rd April, 20XX

Dear R.K.Sharma

I thank you for inviting me to your 25th wedding anniversary to be held next week. I shall be delighted to be the part of that function spending time with you and my other loved ones. I will reach timely and capture all the precious moments. It will be kind if I am provided with the transport for the same.

Your loving friend


Sample of Declination

(Being Written on behalf of Ram)


4316, Shukarpura

Panipat (Hr.)

23rd April, 20XX

Dear R.K.Sharma

I am grateful to you for inviting me to your 25th wedding anniversary to be held next week but I regret my inability to attend the functions due to an urgent meeting with foreign delegates at Dubai on the same day. I shall visit you some other day and love to spend time with both of you.

Your loving friend


Marking Scheme

Usually invitations whether formal or informal along or their replies carry four (4) marks each in board examinations wherein 1 mark is given for format (Sender’s address, date, salutation, closing etc.), 1.5 marks is given for content whereas the other 1.5 is allotted for expression (Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation etc.)

  • Format – 1 Mark
  • Content – 2 Marks
  • Expression – 1 Mark

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