Format of Note Making Class 12 | Class 11 | English Core | CBSE |


Format of Note Making Class 12 | Class 11 | English Core | CBSE |

Making notes is an art which is practiced by all and sundry once in his life. It is often asked in class 11 and Class 12 English Exams to assess the note-making skills of the students and to find out whether they are able to make notes or not. Keeping this in mind, let us present you format of Note Making that can prove to be extremely useful for the students who are going to appear in upcoming board examination. Given below are the images of not making that can help you a lot in indentation and understanding its marking scheme.

Format of Note Making


As you can see in the image that there are two headings given along with an abbreviation box. While making notes, make sure you make minimum four Main headings followed by their sub headings. After making notes, you all need to write down the summary of the entire passage in around 80-100 words.

Marking Scheme of Note Making

  • Format : 1 Mark (Title)
  • Content: 4 Marks (Notes, Indentation, Heading, Subheading, Abbreviations, Spellings, Phrases etc.)
  • Summary : 3 Marks

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