Poster Making Format, Examples, Samples, Marking Scheme


Poster Making Format, Examples, Samples, Marking Scheme

What is a poster?

A poster is a big notice. It tells people about something. It makes people aware of things that they need to know. A poster also has a message that is easy for people to read and understand on it. It is usually used or prepared to convey a social message with eye-catching images, quotes and other ways. It is an essential part of Class 11 English and Class 12 English Exams. It comes in choice with Notice, Invitation & Advertisement.

Characteristics of a good poster

  • It must eye-catching Title, slogans, images & rhyming words
  • It must have name of the issuing authority
  • It must convey a social message
  • It must have proper spacing and indentation if required
  • It must have date, time and venue if it is about an event.
  • It must appeal and convey a message to its readers
  • It must have formal messages
  • It must have a appropriate theme
  • It must have formal tone and formal language

Samples of Posters

Poster Writing Class 12 Format

Poster Writing Class 12 Format

Marking Scheme of Poster Making

Poster Making carries 4 marks in Class 12 examination. The break up of these 4 marks is given below.

  • Format : 01 Mark

(Title & Name of the Issuing Authority)

  • Content : 2 Marks
  • Expression and Creativity : 1 Mark

Grammatical Accuracy, Spellings, Presentation etc.)

Total : 4 Marks

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