Diary Entry Format Class 9 | English | Writing Section | Examples |


Diary Entry Format Class 9 | English | Writing Section | Examples 

People write down what happened to them, what they bought, and what they thought in a special notebook. They use their own words to describe things and they can write every day or every few days. It’s up to them. People also write in a diary when something interesting happens or when they feel strongly about something.

This grammar section explains English Grammar. The examples show the way the language is used. You can also visit NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English to find out more about grammar. 

What is Diary Entry?

A diary entry is a way of writing down what happened during the day. People write about important and special days, and also their personal thoughts and feelings. A diary is a personal document that has a specific format.

Format of Diary Entry

Date, Day

  • Briefly Write what you Saw/Felt/Thought/Experienced
  • Write about your reaction to what you Saw/Felt/Thought/Experienced

Features of Diary Entry

  • A diary entry is personal experience therefore it is written in first person.
  • It must contain personal memories and experiences.
  • It must have easy-to-understand language.
  • It must emphasize on feelings, emotions, reactions 

Diary Entry (Sample)

Question 1. All the news channels are reporting the flood in Bhutan that deteriorated the entire country on 13th August 20XX. Having heard a lot about that misadventure through NEWS channels on TV. Write a diary entry about what you are feeling at that point in time. You are Radhika.

Solution :

13th August, 20XX
8 AM, Tuesday

I have been watching the news about flood in Bhutan since morning. Reportedly, a lot of buildings are damaged and many people have been homeless due to this calamity. My best friend Ram lives there and I hope he is fine there. I have been trying to contact him but unable to do so. I wish he is absolutely safe and praying for others who are still stuck there. It is very difficult time for the people of Bhutan but I am sure, they will overcome all their problems.

Giving rest to my pen,



Question 2. It was your first time traveling by a local bus in Delhi. Record the events in your diary which you experienced in about 100-120 words. You are Rashmi.

Solution :

13th August, 20XX
8 AM, Tuesday

The local buses in Delhi are the worst. I had a terrible experience on one of them during my first visit to the capital of the nation. Although it’s a nice place but I don’t like its public transportation. The roads are small and there’s a lot of traffic on the roads. After catching the bus, I realized it was very crowded. At one point, someone almost pushed me off the bus. It was very dangerous. Hope I don’t have to catch a local bus in Delhi again.



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