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Report on Accident Class 12, Class 11 English Core 

What is Report Writing?

A report is a short summary of something that has already happened. A report helps people remember important events of the day. It includes events that you observed or heard about. A report of an event is one person’s opinion of it, including their ideas and impressions of what happened. Let’s have a look at the format, marking scheme, samples of Report on Accident Class 12/Report on Incident.

Format of Report Writing

  1. Headline– A brief but eye-catching title
  2. By line- Name of the person who is writing the report (Usually given in the question/heading)
  3. Brief Introduction – Briefly elaborate the account of the event/accident etc. (Must have answers of What, When, Where, Why, How, Who/By Whom etc.)
  4. Conclusion– This include how the event/incident ended. 

Report Writing Format 

In the CBSE Class 12 English Board and Class 11 English Examination, there are two types of reports which are frequently asked. These are a newspaper report and a magazine report. A newspaper report is one that is printed in a paper whereas a magazine report is most often written for a school magazine. It comes in choice with Article Writing, Speech Writing and Debate Writing.

Marking Scheme of Report Writing 

The word limit for writing a report lies between 120-150 words. It will carry 5 marks in Class 12 Board Term 2 Examination. Marking Scheme of Report Writing is given below.

Report Writing Format 01 mark
Content 02 marks
Expression 02 marks
Total 5 marks
  • Format : 01 Mark
  1. Title and By-Line
  • Content : 2 Marks
  1. Facts abut the topic-cause and effects of the issue
  2. Data and examples / real input
  3. Conclusion by giving suggestions
  • Expression and Creativity : 2 Marks
  1. Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings
  2. Coherence and relevance of ideas and style 


Features of a Good Report

  1. A good report is brief and it adheres to the topic.
  2. It provides relevant information.
  3. It is logical and coherent.
  4. It has answers of questions begin with WH Family such as; What, When, Where, How etc.
  5. It has appropriate conclusion.

Tips for Writing a Good Report

  1. Use formal but simple language
  2. Avoid writing at a stretch. Make paragraphs to make it interesting.
  3. Have a good hold on Past tense (Both Active & Passive Voice) for most of the reports are asked to be written elaborating a past event/accident/incident.
  4. Read as many reports as you can before putting pen to paper.
  5. Make it presentable, write it neatly and clearly.
  6. Use Active and Passive Voice in 70:30 ratio.
  7. Avoid writing long sentence. Make small sentences.
  8. Take care of punctuation.

Samples of Report Writing

Q1. Three people were killed when a truck rammed into a white Indica Car yesterday. Write a report in about 120-150 words after collecting the details from the eye-witnesses and people present over there at the time of accident to be sent to a local daily for publication. You are Vinay Malik/Pooja Sharma, a reporter.

Solution :

Truck Rams into Car, Kills Three

(By: Vinay Malik)

7th September, Rewari: Three people were killed and five injured, one of them seriously injured when a truck rammed into a white Indica car coming from Gurgaon. The accident took place around 9 pm (local time) yesterday on the highway between Golden Huts and Bawal Police Station. As per an eye witness, hearing the loud crash, the local villagers gathered over there and referred the critically injured people to Trauma Center, Rewari with the help of ambulance while authorities were working to identify the fatalities.

The S.P and S.H.O of Rewari reached the spot of the accident as soon as they heard of it and tried to figure out the real cause of this accident. While investigating, they found that the truck driver was drunk who lost control over his vehicle and collided with the car. An FIR was registered over him for driving rashly and negligently therefore, he was arrested and sent behind the bars. Thereupon, a compensation for Rs. 2 lakhs was given to the family members of deceased whereas Rs.50 thousand was given to the people who are critically injured. It was a terrible accident which not only ruined a couple of families but brought tears to the eyes of eye witnesses who were present over there.

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Q2. A teen was kidnapped and murdered in Delhi’s Uttam Nagar for the sake of money. Being a reporter, write a report in about 120-150 words to be sent to a local daily for publication. You are Raman Piplani/Sunita Verma.

Solution :

Two Take Cue from Movie to Kidnap, Kill Teen

(By : Raman Piplani)

New Delhi: The police have arrested two mem for allegedly kidnapping and killing a 20-year-old youth named Manish in Delhi’s Uttam Nagar. The accused were trying to extort Rs. 50 lakh from the family of the youth. The arrested men have been identified as Pankaj (20); a cleaner in Bata showroom, and Sandeep Yadav (21) who are also school dropouts and residents of Seemapuri. Besides, the police found a rope that was used to strangle him.

The police looked at the footage from around 500 CCTV cameras during their investigation. They also found the locations of the missing youth’s friends. After analyzing the phone numbers of the suspects, Pankaj was apprehended on January 25 from Old Delhi Railway Station. When confronted with evidence, he confessed that his friend Sandeep Yadav and he had killed Manish. The youth’s body was finally recovered from a nearby plot in Uttam Nagar.

When Pankaj, the main accused, was interrogated, he Claimed that he had got the idea of kidnapping and killing from the Bollywood movie Mirzapur. They had decided to demand Rs. 50 lakhs as ransom and then kill Manish to avoid being apprehended.

He further admitted that Manish and his father used to visit the clothes showroom where Pankaj worked. This led to a friendship between them. In January, Manish and his father shopped for clothes worth Rs. 20000. This made Pankaj think that the family could afford to pay lakhs of rupees as ransom if Rohan was kidnapped.

Q3. A 19-year-old-man was shot at Company Bagh area, Alwar in order to take revenge. Being a reporter, write a report in about 120-150 words to be sent to a local daily for publication. You are Aman Piplani/Amita Verma.

Solution :

20-year-old Stabbed to Death, 3 Arrested
(Aman Piplani)

Alwar: A 20-year-old man was shot Delhi in Alwar’s Company Bagh area on Saturday night. All three of them have been arrested. According to police, a case under section 302 (murder) of IPC was registered at Company Bagh police station. The deceased was identified as Manoj Verma, who lived in Akhepura.

“About two months ago, the victim had a fight with one of the accused Pankaj. On Sunday, two men were instigated by Pankaj to take revenge upon Manoj Verma. All of them came across Manoj at Ansal Town, Alwar, shot him on the head and fled away from there ,” a police officer said.

During the investigation, the country-made pistol used to commit that crime was also seized from the main accused. According to the SP (Mr. Gangaram Ahlawat) of Alwar, investigation is in progress to find out more about the cast.

Question 4: Some anti-social elements vandalised the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. Being a reporter, write a report in about 120-150 words to be sent to a local daily for publication. You are Aman Verma/Amita Piplani.

Solution :

Gandhi Statue Vandalised at Moradabad U.P

(Aman Verma)

Moradabad: A statue of Mahatma Gandhi was vandalized at Ram Nagar in UP’s Moradabad town on Monday night. The 4feet-high structure on Ram Nagar-Camp Road had been installed by the PWD (Public Welfare Department) under its social responsibility. According to police sources, some unknown and masked anti-social elements treated the statue with contempt and ripped its from its base.

The police were informed immediately by one of the inhabitants of Ram Nagar. The SP of Moradabad Riaan Sachdeva, visited the site on Tuesday morning, looked into the entire episode and ordered the Chief officer of Moradabad Municipal Council to install CCTV cameras to keep a hawk on such elements, depute a guard at the statue for the round the clock security and make arrangement for enough lights in the park.

“A case has been registered under various section and police are investigating the matter of this vandalism. Soon, all the criminals will be behind the bars” a police officer said and assured.


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