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Placing an Order letter Class 12 | Business Letters | English Core |

Order placement has always been a tough task not only for the shopkeepers or businessmen but also for the students. While in Class 11 & Class 12 students come across a lot of problems while writing this letter therefore we have brought to you its format along lest you should have any problem in writing such letters. Given below is definition of formal letter, types, format, marking scheme of formal letter and sample of it.

What is Formal Letter?

Formal Letter is a written, typed, or printed communication, especially one either sends in an envelope or by mail  or messenger. Knowing how to write formal letters is very important for students. Every student must know about the format and its marking scheme.

A letter can be written for many reasons. We have covered the Format of a Formal Letter, which is different than an Informal one. An Informal letter is to friends, family or relatives. The format for an Informal letter is not as strict as the Format of a Formal Letter. Here, we will talk about Writing a formal letter.

Types of Formal Letter

  1. Letter to the editor
  2. Order letter
  3. Complaint letter
  4. Inquiry letter
  5. Application letter for job

Format of a Formal Letter

1. Sender’s address: Every formal letter begins with a sender’s address. It includes the permanent/temporary address and contact details of the one who is writing the letter. It must be written within 2-3 lines.

2. Date: Having written the sender’s address, the date is written below the sender’s address after skipping/leaving a line. We can write the date either in American or British way of writing the date.

3. Receiver’s address: Having written the date, the address of the recipient of the letter is written here in 2-3 lines.

4. The subject of the letter: After writing sender’s address, the date and the receiver’s address, Writer should specify the subject(Purpose) of writing the letter. It must be brief, clear and written in a single line. 

5. Salutation (Sir/Respected Sir/Madam) : Having written the sender’s address, the date, the receiver’s address and the subject, salutation is written. We must avoid informal adjectives like ‘Dear’ & ‘Loving’ to keep it as formal letter.

6. Body: This part of the formal letter contains the matter. It can be divided into 3-4 paragraphs which are as follow.

Paragraph 1: Briefly Introduce yourself and your motive of writing that letter.

Paragraph 2: Elaborate the matter keeping the coherence of the topic in mind

Paragraph 3: Right a suitable conclusion (What you want or expect from the Receiver of the letter)

7. Complimentary Closing : Don’t forget to add the formal letter with closing that compliments.

8. Sender’s name, Signature and Designation : Before winding up the letter, do not forget to write sender’s name, his/her signature and the designation he/she has.

  • Sender’s address
  • Date
  • Receiver’s Address
  • Subject
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter
  • Complimentary closing
  • Sender’s Name, Signature & Designation

Marking Scheme of Letter Writing 

The word limit for writing a formal letter lies between 120-150 words. It will carry 5 marks in Class 12 Board Term 2 Examination. Marking Scheme of Letter Writing is given below.

Letter Writing Format 01 mark
Content 02 marks
Expression 02 marks
Total 5 marks
  • Format : 01 Mark
  1. Sender’s address, Date, receiver’s address, Subject, Salutation, Closing & Subscription
  • Content : 2 Marks
  1. Brief introduction, details of order
  2. Time of delivery, Enclosure of cheque etc.
  • Expression and Creativity : 2 Marks
  1. Grammatical accuracy, appropriate words and spellings
  2. Coherence and relevance of ideas and style 

Sample of Placing an Order Letter

Sender’s Address

Date (Formal)

Receiver’s Address

SUBJECT: Placement of Order For Footwear


This is to state that we are a local dealer of footwear in Bhiwadi & we have been established here for more than two decades holding a good name there. One of our acquaintances has suggested us to place an order to you praising your quality of products, timely delivery and after sale services. In this reference, we would like to place an order for some footwear whose particulars are as follow.

Sr. No Particulars Colour Size Quantity
1 Formal Shoes Black 6,7,8,9 25 Pcs. Each
2 Moccasins White/Black 7,8,9 10 Pcs. Each
3. Slippers All 6,7,8,9 50 Pcs. Each
4. Sports Shoes All 6,7 20 Pcs. Each

We request you to deliver all these products with in the span of 15 days in order to meet all the demands of our customers. Since, it is our first order, we expect products of superior quality to be delivered to us. We are enclosing a cheque for Rs. 2 lakhs as an advance payment.

Yours truly



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