Report Writing on Road Accident | Class 12 | English Core |


Report Writing on Road Accident | Class 12 | English Core |


Q1. Three people were killed when a truck rammed into a white Indica Car yesterday. Write a report in about 120-150 words after collecting the details from the eye-witnesses and people present over there at the time of accident to be sent to a local daily for publication. You are Vinay Malik/Pooja Sharma, a reporter.

Solution :

Truck Rams into Car, Kills Three on NH 8

(By: Vinay Malik)

7th September, Rewari: Three people were killed and five injured, one of them seriously injured when a truck rammed into a white Indica car coming from Gurgaon. The accident took place around 9 pm (local time) yesterday on the highway between Golden Huts and Bawal Police Station. As per an eye witness, hearing the loud crash, the local villagers gathered over there and referred the critically injured people to Trauma Center, Rewari with the help of ambulance while authorities were working to identify the fatalities.

The S.P and S.H.O of Rewari reached the spot of the accident as soon as they heard of it and tried to figure out the real cause of this accident. While investigating, they found that the truck driver was drunk who lost control over his vehicle and collided with the car. An FIR was registered over him for driving rashly and negligently therefore, he was arrested and sent behind the bars. Thereupon, a compensation for Rs. 2 lakhs was given to the family members of deceased whereas Rs.50 thousand was given to the people who are critically injured. It was a terrible accident which not only ruined a couple of families but brought tears to the eyes of eye witnesses who were present over there.

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