Character Sketch of Thomas Marvel | The Invisible Man | HG Wells |


Character Sketch of Thomas Marvel | The Invisible Man | HG Wells |


Character Sketch of Thomas Marvel : Thomas Marvel is an alcoholic who depends on charity altogether for his survival. He is short in stature, fat and ugly. On his first encounter with Griffin, he refuses to believe that he is talking to an invisible man. When hit by Griffin with flint on his toe, he gets ready to believe in former’s invisibility. Even, he gets ready to help the stranger in his misdeeds.

On the order of Griffin, he goes to Coach and Horses to steal the stranger’s luggage where he has a narrow escape of being caught by Huxter (General Dealer) and other local people. Although he is saved by the Invisible Man, but he shows no pity on that short man (Marvel). He is laden with luggage, three fat books and golden coins which Griffin robs of the people, taking the advantage of his invisibility. Having seen the intension of the stranger, he decides to quit his job and requests Griffin to accept his resignation. But, his wish is denied. He is also beaten and pushed by Griffin when he tries to disclose the secret of Griffin and his identity to one of the mariners. Finally, he manages to escape from the company of the stranger in the end. He goes to police and surrenders himself for being safe. In this way, he also becomes a prey of Griffin’s misdeeds.

After the death of the Invisible Man, he opens an inn by the name ofThe Invisible Manat Port Stowe with the money he had surrendered. Now, he allures more and more customers by telling them the incidents he had with the stranger. He has earned a good fortune now. His only dream is to be an Invisible man for which, he reads something or the other from three fat books daily. Company of Griffin proves to be luxuriant for him.

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