Character Sketch of Dr Cuss | The Invisible Man | HG Wells |


Character Sketch of Dr Cuss | The Invisible Man | HG Wells |

Character Sketch of Dr Cuss : Doctor Cuss was a local practitioner of Iping who was jealous of continuous growing popularity of the stranger around the little town, Iping. Therefore, he decided to expose Griffin before the people of that village. He made an excuse of collecting fund for nurses with which he went to Coach & Horses to meet the stranger.

During his meeting with Griffin, he started putting up illogical questions & started touching the private things of the stranger which irritated the latter, who, angrily, pinched his nose after exhibiting his invisible hands to him. His explanation of invisibility to Mr. Bunting was turned down by the latter stating that there is no existence of such person in this world. His efforts fail to convince others that he has encountered an invisible man but no body believes in him. Although he tried his level best to seek people’s attention but all in vain.

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