Theme of ‘The Invisible Man’-A Novel

Theme Invisible Man:

Although this novel revolves around a couple of themes like ‘Science’ and ‘Society’s Ignorance’ yet it focusses more on science which has both the aspects. It indicates clearly, if science is used as a positive weapon, it has too many advantages. But, if used negativily, it can also have adverse effects not only on human but also on Earth. If the protagonist (Griffin) had used the formula of invisibility for the betterment of humanity, he would have never got trapped in the grip on death. Apart from that, due to society’s ignorance, he turns voilent and tries to destroy the humanity. The people of Iping wanted him to be dead at any cost. After the people chased the invisible man out of town he snapped and became totally crazy. He started killing the people brutally without giving it a second thought. It is difficult to imagine or understand how a teacher turned himself into an experimental engineer. In the end, science proves to be a bane for him and takes him to death. Apart from that, society’s ignorance was also responsible for Griffin’s ruined life. He was neither supported by his own family nor by his friends and relatives. When he was getting distracted, he was not supported by anybody. He lost his father, emotions and every other thing due to non co-operation of society. So on the whole, we can say this novel revolves around these two themes.

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