Chapter Wise Summary of The Invisible Man Written by H.G.Wells

The Invisible Man (Summary)


Name: The Strange Man’s Arrival

In the first chapter, when the novel begins, we find a stranger moving towards Iping, a small hill side village of London, from Bramblehurst. He is covered from top to bottom wearing long over coat, having pink nose and blue goggles with side light. The author (H.G Wells) too, calls him a wrapped up mystery in this chapter. When the stranger reaches an inn owned by Mrs. Hall, he offers two golden sovereigns in exchange of a room and fireplace in it. Being an impeccable business woman, she makes the most of the situation and allots him a room without any due verification. The stranger tells him that his luggage is kept at Bramblehurst railway station and he wants it to be brought upwards as soon as possible but Mrs. Hall makes an excuse of hefty snowfall and assures him to get it brought in a couple of days. She actually wants to make most of the situation and earn a good fortune. Besides, she responds with a good hospitality offering the stranger good food to eat such as ham, bacon and some eggs. She observes some strange and odd things in the stranger such as; he neither takes his serviette off while speaking nor his hat and coat off when she wants to do so for making them wet. When she tries to figure out the cause of that awkward look of the stranger, she finds the stranger laughing with hollow mouth. But she pays no attention to it.


Name: Mr. Teddy Henfrey’s first Impressions

In the second chapter, a clock jobber namely Teddy Henfrey comes to Coach and Horses for a cup of coffee whence he is sent to stranger’s room by Mrs. Hall to keep an eye on him and his odd habits along with repairing the clock. He goes inside, stares at the stranger and tries to talk to him making and excuse of the weather but the stranger orders him to mind his own business and leave as soon as he is done with his work. Teddy gets hurt and irritated with his words and leaves Coach and Horses even after Mrs. Hall tries her level best to stop him & go to the root cause. Having left Coach and Horses, he meets Mr. Hall whom he incites and provokes against the stranger stating that latter’s wife has no sense of business. Teddy also talks ill of the stranger and his luggage that is supposed to reach soon. Mr. Hall, in order to show his supremacy, goes to Mrs. Hall to teach her a lesson of ‘how to do business’ but on the contrary, he is reprimanded and lambasted by Mrs. Hall. Mr. Hall leaves from there but it leaves a question mark in the mind of Mrs. Hall about the real identity of the stranger. She starts suspecting him.



Name: The Thousand and One Bottles

In the third chapter, in the month of February, Mr. Fearenside brings stranger’s luggage which contains more than thousand bottle of different shapes, three fat books labelled as diary, dozen or more crates, boxes and cases packed in straw etc. When the excited stranger comes to receive his luggage, he is attacked by the dog of Mr. Fearenside. He rips his glove as well as the pants. Seeing this misadventure, many people gather there and start cursing Fearenside for keeping such a ferocious dog with him. Mrs. Hall, being a perfect business woman, even demands compensation from Mr. Fearenside for this cruel act. Meanwhile the stranger returns after changing his clothes and asks the carrier to bring his luggage upwards. Having received his luggage, he pays off Mr. Fearenside and starts opening his luggage one by one. While he is busy in his experiments, Mrs. Hall comes and observes that stranger’s eyes are as hollow as sockets. She objects to the litter created by the stranger in his room but the stranger advises her to add it to his bill. In this way, stranger gets rid of talkative and disturbing owner of Coach and Horses. At the end of this chapter, we find Mr. Fearenside & Teddy Henfey giving their own theories about the stranger. Former thinks him as a piebald who has different nose and different body colour whereas Teddy Henfrey calls him a criminal who is hiding here and there in order to conceal his identity.


Name: Mr. Cuss Interviews the Stranger

In this chapter, we get to read that stranger has become quite popular in this small town of London. People have different opinions about him as some people think he is a detective whereas some consider him as a magician whose only purpose is to earn money. Some of the people suspect him as a criminal and some youngsters tease him as ‘Bogey Man’. Hearing a lot of him, Dr.Cuss who is a local practitioner, gets jealous of him and plans to expose him in front of the whole town. With this intention, he goes to Coach and Horses and enters Stranger’s room with an excuse of subscription for nurses. While talking to the stranger, he introduces himself as a local doctor who works for the welfare of the people. Besides, he starts putting up strange questions which infuriates the stranger ultimately. Stranger exhibits his invisibility keeping his sleeves up bit by bit. The more he rolls, the more invisible he becomes. Having made him feel his invisible body, he throws his subscription in the fireplace. He even pinches the nose of the stranger which makes him run like a tracer bullet. He narrates the whole incident to his best friend who forbids to believe in his story as well as in invisibility. In this way, once again people refuse to believe in the invisibility of the stranger.


Name: The Burglary at the Vicarage

In this chapter, we get to know about the burglary that happened at Mr. Bunting’s home at midnight. The stranger, who has to make his payment to Mrs. Hall, enters Mr. Bunting’s home with an intension to steal. He breaks into his house and manages to steal a few golden coins kept in the drawer of Bunting’s home. Mrs. Bunting who hears a strange noise coming from her home, follows that noise but all in vain. The couple can see that somebody has lit a candle, somebody is opening the drawer again and again but unfortunately no one is visible. Ultimately, they conclude that the thievery has been committed by the invisible man who is putting up at Coach and Horses.

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