Character Sketch of Dr Kemp | The Invisible Man | HG Wells |


Character Sketch of Dr Kemp | The Invisible Man | HG Wells |

Dr. Kemp has been shown as a man of science in this novel who remains busy throughout the day in his studies. He is a practical man who hardly believes in supernatural powers. Besides, he has been showcased as a very kind-hearted and noble soul. For the time being, he is preparing for fellowship exam of Royal Society, London in order to join the club of elite scientists so that he can learn as much as possible.

When informed about the presence of the stranger in his home town, he shows lack of interest and turns a blind eye from the bizarre activities happening around. He, soon, observes strange and invisible things in his room in his presence. After, his interaction with his old class-mate, he pretends to support Griffin but informs Colonel Adye in order to get Griffin arrested. In short, he prefers humanity to his friendship.

Dr. Kemp discloses all the weaknesses and ways to catch Griffin to Colonel Adye but fails to get hold on him. His all efforts go in vain when his home is seized by the Invisible man. But, his reflexes and brain manage to get the Invisible Man killed in the end. In nutshell, Dr. Kemp plays as protagonist in this novel who helps the society in getting rid of Griffin and his torture.

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