Teddy Henfrey | Character Sketch | The Invisible Man | HG Wells |

Teddy Henfrey | Character Sketch | The Invisible Man | HG Wells |

Teddy Henfreys was a clock jobber who goes to Coach and Horses on the invitation of Mrs. Hall to mend the watch of Griffin‘s room which does not show exact time. He was very talkative and likes to interfere in others’ life. On the instructions of Mrs. Hall, he keeps an eye on Griffin and enters his room with former.

He takes the watch down and starts unscrewing it along with monitoring of the stranger. The moment, he tries to talk to Griffin after making the excuse of weather, stranger lambasts him and advises him to mind his own business. Since that day, he starts speaking ill against the stranger. In fact, he provokes Mr. Hall against his own wife stating that she has no sense of business.

He spreads a rumour that the stranger is a criminal who keeps his face covered in order to conceal his identity or to escape from the police. He is, many times, beaten by Griffin for contradicting his way and being a hindrance. In nut shell, he proves to be flamboyant who speaks a lot but does little.

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