Hunchback Character Sketch | The Invisible Man | H G Wells |


Hunchback Character Sketch | The Invisible Man | H G Wells |

Hunchback is the owner of that costume shop whence Griffin manages to steal his pink nose, wigs, long overcoat, blue goggle and all the bandages that is wrapped around. He runs a costume shop in Drury Lane where he lives as well, on the first floor. He is a keen observer who can observe even the minutest of the noise coming from his shop. When Griffin enters his shop, the owner gets to hear the sound of his footsteps.

He follows the sound but fails to locate the invisible man. Taking the advantage of his invisibility, Griffin enters a room which is filled with clothes and rats. While searching suitable clothes for him, he encounters rats which leads to a lot of noise in the room adjacent to owner’s room. Getting the noise again and again, Hunchback follows him once again having his gun in his hand with an intention to kill the suspect.

Before he could attack Griffin, he is attacked by Griffin with a stool which makes the shopkeeper faint. Griffin, steals all his money and all the required clothes and things from there and runs to Iping to stay in Coach and Horses. In short, the money used by Griffin for making payments was stolen from Hunchback’s shop.


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