Footprints Without Feet Class 10 | H G Wells | Chapter 5 | English |


Footprints Without Feet Class 10 by H G Wells | Chapter 5 | English |

 Summary of Footprints Without Feet

This story revolves around a scientist namely Griffin who discovers a formula of being invisible. He starts misusing his powers, loots banks and places, beats and harasses people but finally as every evil ends, his life comes to an end too.

Griffin is an albino and a brilliant scientist. He conducts many experiments. One day, he discovers a wonderful drug which could make him invisible. Having thought a lot, he consumes that drug himself and becomes invisible. The best part of that drug is, he can see everybody but nobody else can see him. Having been invisible, he starts harassing people especially his neighbours. Therefore he is despised by his landlord. When the landlord, tries to to get his house vacated, he becomes angry and sets his house on fire. Amid the fear and anger, he consumes the drug, takes his clothes off and becomes invisible. 

Griffin finds it difficult to survive in winters for he can’t wear clothes no matter how cold it is. So, he goes into a big London store and steals clothes from there. The moment he walks out with those clothes, it seems as if he were walking without a head. He finds meat, coffee, sweets and wine in the kitchen of the store and ultimately sleeps on a pile of quilts there.

The next morning, he is seen by the workers of that shop which scares him to hell. He runs from there taking off his clothes one by one and becomes invisible again. Having escaped from there, he enters a costume shop and steals bandages, fake nose, glasses, whiskers etc from there. Having hit the shopkeeper, he runs from there and moves towards Iping.

At Iping, He books two rooms at an inn named Coach and Horses which is run and managed by a couple Mrs. Hall And Mr. Hall.  He pays the rent in advance. Griffin starts spending the stolen money lavishly and soon runs out of it. Having stayed there for few months, He tells the landlady that he has no cash left to be paid. He assures of paying her the amount for he is expecting a cheque. He steals money from the house of the clergyman as well.

After sometime, the landlord and his wife find that Griffin‘s room is open. They enter the room but find no one. Besides, they find Griffin’s clothes and bandages lying on the floor. Suddenly, they start experiencing strange things in the room which scares them the most. They think that Griffin calls the spirits which have occupied their room.

The neighbours gather there believing that Griffin is responsible for all that happening at the inn. A policeman was called. Before that, a scuffle takes place between Griffin and Mrs. Hall which makes Griffin angry and put his clothes off. He throw off his bandages, spectacles and false nose and becomes an invisible man.

All of a sudden, a policeman comes. Having seen an invisible man right in front of him, He gets surprised but tries to get a hold on him. In order to escape, Griffin takes his clothes off and becomes invisible. He hits Bobby Jaffers (The constable) brutally and everyone else whosoever comes on his way. Soon, he comes out of the inn, starts walking on the road as a free man.


Short Answer Type Questions of Footprints Without Feet

Question 1 : Who was Griffin? What did he manage to discover?

Answer : Griffin was both a prodigy and an exceptional scientist. He often remained busy in conducting experiments of being invisible. One day, he discovered a wonderful drug which could make him invisible which changed his life altogether.

Question 2 : Why did Griffin set his landlord’s home on fire?

Answer : Griffin was always suspected by his landlord of conducting illegal experiment. He was so annoyed with Griffin that he wanted him to vacant his home as soon as possible. When the landlord, tried to to get his house vacated, Griffin became angry and set his home ablaze. 

Question 3 : What problems did Griffin encounter after being invisible?

Answer : Griffin had invented the formula of being invisible after putting in a lot of efforts. Having invented the formula, he started misusing it by teasing, beating and torturing the people around. On the other hand, it was not at all easy for him to stay sans clothes especially in the biting-cold weather. He could neither wear anything nor eat in front of anyone for he became visible after wearing anything. 

Question 4 : Who managed Coach and Horses at Iping? What did she think of Griffin in her first interaction with him?

Answer : Coach and Horses was managed by Mrs. and Mr. Hall a middle-aged spouse. In her first interaction, Mrs. Hall thought that Griffin (her guest) had met with an accident and disfigure his fact. Her assumption about Griffin was much way-beyond what the reality was.

Question 5 : What created a tussle between Griffin and his landlady? What was the outcome of that fight?

Answer : Griffin had not been paying his rent for few months. Every time, he made lame excuses of not having the money or would assure her of paying it in the following months. Having been fed up with his excuses, Mrs. Hall asked him to vacate his inn. Moreover, she put up a lot of unimagined questions from him which made Griffin angry and put off his clothes in front of Mrs. Hall. This scuffle between them made Mrs. Hall faint.

Question 6 : Who was Bobby Jaffers? Whay had he gone to Coach and Horses?

Answer : Bobby Jaffers was a local policeman who had gone to arrest Griffin on the orders of the Magistrate on the complaint of Mr. Bunting whose suspected Griffin of stealing his money after being invisible. But he failed in his attempt to nab the invisible man and Griffin had the last laugh in their brawl.

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