The Hack Driver | Sinclair Lewis | Chapter 8 | English |


The Hack Driver | Sinclair Lewis | Chapter 8 | English |



This chapter revolves around a cunning man Oliver Lutkins who is a witness in a case but ignores all the summons and requests for appearing sent by the court. A young lawyer is given a responsibility to handle this case to find him and to present him in the court but deceived in the end.

The narrator of this chapter is a young lawyer who works in a law firm. His duty is to serve summons to witnesses and to present in the court. He wishes to have some good cases but he does not get. Therefore, he has to resort to sending summons for making his body and soul together. Although the work is difficult and full of risk, yet he gets ready to accept the challenge. 

Once, he goes to New Mullion, a village, to serve Summons to Oliver Lutkins, a witness in a case who has been ignoring all the requests for appearing in the court. On the commencement of his journey, he expects the Town to be beautiful but finds everything on the contrary. The only thing that impresses him at the station is a friendly hack driver who assures the lawyer to help him find Oliver Lutkins. At the same time, the carriage driver tells him that a person like Lutkins is hard to catch for he has cheated many in the recent past with his smartness. The lawyer gets impressed with his friendly behavior.

The hack driver takes him to many places but they miss Oliver Lutkins all the time. At the end of the day, he even takes him to his home and gets him some food to eat prepared by his own wife. On the other hand, the lawyer is enjoying his company though he is not able to catch the witness. He roams around almost for six hours but all in vain.

Ultimately, the driver suggests him that they should look for his mother despite searching him at her place since she could tell them about the whereabouts of Lutkins. On reaching there, they both are chased by his mother as if she wanted to burn them alive. They both have a narrow escape in the end. The lawyer has to return without serving him the summons in the end which makes his boss angry and wild.

The next day, the lawyer is once again sent to New Mullions with a man who knows a lot about Lutkins. At the station, he finds the hack driver laugh with Lutkins mother. He tells his companion about the hack driver and the kind of help he provided to him during his last visit to the town for finding Lutkins. To his surprise, his companion tells him that the man himself is Lutkins. Ultimately, the lawyer serves summons to a laughing Oliver Lutkins.

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