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The Making of a Scientist by Robert W. Peterson



The Making of Scientist teaches us that everything is possible if one is determined to do anything. It revolves around a prodigy namely Richard Ebright who did a magnificent work in the field of science. He had always been inquisitive about the butterflies around him. As a result, he started collecting them at a tender age. Moreover, he was influenced by a book called ‘The Travel of Monarch X’ which was gifted to him by his mother. That book proved to be a turning point of his life for it introduced him to the gigantic world of science and paved his way for being one of the greatest scientists.

He undertook many assignments especially the one wherein he tried to figure out the prime reason of the illness that led to the death of all the monarch caterpillars. Initially, he considered beetle responsible for their death but he was proved wrong when he started rising caterpillars in the presence of beetles. On the other hand, one of his projects got the best prize in zoology and the third best in country science fair. He learned a lot in the supervision and guidance of Dr. Urquhart who taught him to simplify the most complex of the situations.

In his later years, he discovered an unknown insect hormone which further led to invention of a new theory based on the lives of cells. Ebright tried his level best to figure out the reason of tiny golden spots found on the back of pupa. To his surprise, he was ranked number one in country science fair and he got a chance to work with Walter Reed Army Institute of research.

Being a high school student, he moved on with his experimental skills till he was able to recognize and identify the chemical structure of hormones. In his new theory, he researched that cells can read the blueprint of its DNA. He moved further in his life with his experience and ultimately graduated from Harvard.

He was an outgoing person who had keen interest in public speaking, debating and photography too. He always wanted to give his best no matter what the circumstance was. Wherever he went, he made his presence feel there. He had all the personality traits of being a good scientist.

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