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MCQ of Article Writing, Class 10 English, Class 11 English and Class 12 English, CBSE

Article writing is an indispensable part of a student’s life especially for Class 8 English, Class 9 EnglishClass 10 English, Class 11 English and Class 12 English. Every student has to write articles in his school life someway or the other. Article is written to pass on information to others through magazines or newspapers. It is a long piece of writing which describes event, experience, person, places and someone’s life. It comes in choice with Speech, Debate and Report writing. One must research about the topic before writing an article and should be well-versed in writing for scoring higher in article writing. Keeping the new examination pattern of CBSE, we have created some MCQ so that students can attain good scores in their upcoming exams.

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MCQ of Article Writing

1. What is placed on the top of an article?
a) Date
b) Heading/Title
c) Subscription
d) Salutation

Answer : Heading/Title

2. What is placed just below the title of an article?
a) Date
b) By-Line
c) Place of the writer
d) Salutation

Answer : By-Line

3. How many paragraphs should be there in an article?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three to Four
d) Eight to Ten

Answer : Three to Four

4. Which of the following is not an element of an article?
a) Date
b) Subscription
c) Salutation
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

5. What should the first paragraph of an article be all about?
a) Conclusion
b) Consequences
c) Statistics
d) Brief introduction of the topic

Answer : Brief introduction of the topic

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6. On which parameters is article writing assessed?
a) Content
b) Expression
c) Fluency & Format
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

7. How should an article be ended?
a) Thanking the audience
b) Greeting the audience
c) With a suitable conclusion
d) All of these

Answer : With a suitable conclusion

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8. Pick the even one out in context of Article Writing?
a) Heading/Title
b) Salutation
c) Thanking the audience
d) Greeting to the audience

Answer : Heading

9. Which of the following can be added to make an article writing interesting?
a) Quotes
b) Statistics
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b

Answer : Both a and b

10. What should be the ratio of active and passive voice while writing an article?
a) 30:70
b) 70:30
c) 50:50
d) None of these

Answer : 70:30

11. What is the word limit of an article for class 12?
a) 50-100 words
b) 100-150 words
c) 150-200 words
d) 300-500 words

Answer : 150-200 words

12. How should an article be commenced?
a) By greeting the audience
b) By thanking the audience
c) By requesting the audience
d) None of these

Answer : None of these

13. Article is a….
a) Short piece of writing
b) long piece of writing
c) Exaggeration of lies
d) All of these

Answer : Long piece of writing

14. Which of the following is correct about the ‘Title’ in article writing?
a) It should be long
b) It should be short and irrelevant
c) It should be eye-catching
d) It should be a long-tail keyword

Answer : It should be eye-catching

15. What do pros and cons mean?
a) Advantages and disadvantages
b) Arguments in favour and arguments against
c) Positives and Negatives
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

16. What is fluency in article writing?
a) Ability to weave the content together
b) Ability to set the content apart
c) Ability to find out the pros and cons
d) Ability to greet the audience

Answer : Ability to weave together the content

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17. What are the elements of a marking scheme of article writing?
a) Format
b) Content
c) Expression
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

18. What are the constituents of ‘Format’ in article writing?
a) Heading
b) Writer’s Name
c) Both a and b
d) Neither a nor b

Answer : Both a and b

19. What are the constituents of ‘Expression’ in article writing?
a) Spellings
b) Grammatical Accuracy
c) Coherence
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

20. What are the elements of ‘Conclusion’ in article writing?
a) Suggestions
b) Remedial Measures
c) Reminders
d) All of these

Answer : All of these


21. ____ states the name of the writer.

a) Heading
b) By-Line
c) Dateline
d) None of these

Answer : By-Line

22. What can an article describe?
a) An event
b) Experience
c) Person’s life
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

23. An article should be written in ________
a) a single paragraph
b) clear paragraphs
c) informal language
d) None of these

Answer : clear paragraphs

24. One should ______ before writing an article
a) Exercise
b) Research about the topic
c) Pray to God
d) None of these

Answer : Research about the topic

25. Article writing is meant for _____
a) Small group of readers
b) Large group of readers
c) Unemployed people
d) Only employed people

Answer : Large group of readers

26. What makes an article good
a) Accuracy
b) Ample research about the topic
c) Drafting before being written
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

27. What should one do if one runs out of words while writing an article?
a) Repeat the same lines again and again
b) Add quotations related to the topic
c) Forget the coherence and write anything
d) All of these

Answer : Add quotations related to the topic

28. Which of the following adds beauty to an article and makes it high-scoring?
a) Legible handwriting
b) Scribbling on the page of article
c) Illegible handwriting
d) Filthy presentation

Answer : Legible handwriting

29. What is coherence in article writing?
a) Logical writing
b) Orderly writing
c) Consistent relation of paragraphs
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

30. Who should be kept in mind while writing a good article?
a) Editor of the newspaper
b) Owner of the newspaper
c) Readers and their mood
d) English teacher of the school

Answer : Readers and their mood


31. Answer the following questions based on the article given below.

Addiction of Social Networking Sites

( By : Riya Mishra )

Social networking sites are web-based programs run ___(i)____ where people create their dynamic profiles in order to share what they exactly feel and exchange their views via chats, calls, video conferences etc. Some of the most popularly-known apps are; WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which connect not only billions of people across the world but help them remain updated of their surroundings.

Despite the fact that these sites are boon for human beings, they have their own ___(ii)____ as well. We all know that  ‘Excess of everything is bad.’ Therefore, excessive use of social networking sites can make us lethargic, unproductive and procrastinators. Sitting for long hours, engaged with such sites, can give a ___(iii)____rise to the quantum of headaches, backaches and many more diseases. It affects student’s academics adversely for they become prone to using the all day long and can’t resist their temptations of frequently logging in their accounts created on various platforms. Apart from all that, the ___(iv)____ content present on such sites distract students’ attention to a different level resulting in loss of their academics precious time.

Freedom of speech, one of the fundamental rights of us, is often seen being misused at such platforms.  ___(v)____, without giving second thought, comment or write whatever they feel like to humiliate others. Consequently, a white-collar gentry or renowned celebrities have to undergo a irreparable mental harassment. Independent women  have to face incidents of ___(vi)____ which causes depression and anxiety to them . Above all, the hike in number of suicidal cases has a close association with social networking sites for a long time. Even, youngsters who have hardly stepped out of their homes, can be seen shooting videos before committing suicides. These virtual platforms have created a very ___(vii)____ environment for the teenagers where they are facing bullying, emotional distress and insecurity.

It has also emboldened the cybercrime since we all have updated our profiles on social media. Our personal information is no longer ___(viii)____on those platform. Even an unknown person can take advantage of this act . 

To conclude that, if we use social networking sites wisely they are really a ___(ix)____ whereas its excessive use can make us scourge and a ___(x)____ plague.


a) on internet
b) in internet
c) through internet
d) All of these

Answer : Through internet

a) limitations
b) flaws
c) shortcomings
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

a) decline
b) steep
c) low
d) None of these

Answer : Steep

a) fruitful
b) Obnoxious
c) valuable
d) invaluable

Answer : Obnoxious

a) Local people
b) Local politicians
c) Netizens
d) Local police

Answer : Founder

a) respect
b) grateful respect
c) body-shaming
d) beautiful body

Answer : Body-shaming

a) Peaceful
b) Healthy
c) Toxic
d) None of these

Answer : Toxic

a) open
b) public
c) protected
d) unprotected

Answer : Protected

a) Boon
b) Blessing
c) Bane
d) Both a and b

Answer : Both a and b

a) short-lived
b) lifetime
c) never-lasting
d) temporary

Answer : Lifetime

31. Answer the following questions based on the article given below.

Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) had been a talk of the town, due to its outbreak, throughout the year 2020 when it gripped millions of people and it is still making headlines around the world even in 2021 with its fast-approaching new strain in UK and other parts of the world. From Lockdown to social distancing, it has insisted on the people to change their lifestyle and perspective towards the life altogether.

Covid-19 is caused by a newly discovered corona virus, one of the unknown viruses of Corona Virus family. It has already taken life of more than 2.6 million people and many of us are still circling around this deadly pandemic. As per the history and views of Covid-19 patients, who once had been suffering or are suffering from this virus, it starts with a mild respiratory illness which leads further to fever, cold, congestion in throat and utter weariness of body. People, suffering from this often complain of breathing and fatigue irrespective of any hard or unaccustomed labour. However, it is not mandatory that all and sundry, whomsoever are suffering from this disease, may have these same signs of tiredness and fatigue. Some of them may be asymptomatic and not the carriers of this virus as well.

It usually spreads from person to person through droplets of saliva when an infected person sneezes or coughs without following respiratory etiquettes. So, it becomes essential for one to learn respiratory etiquettes and practice them as much as possible. Besides, touching the things unnecessarily also could be one of the reasons of its outbreak. Therefore, one must take care of all these things in order to protect themselves from this deadly corona virus.

As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” The best way to protect ourselves from this deadly disease is to be well-informed about the virus and maintain hygienic environment around us. Putting on a mask properly and sanitizing our hands frequently can help us a lot in making a long distance from this disease. Besides, we should avoid visiting crowded places uselessly like malls, theaters, and parks etc. where there is more risk of getting contacted with other people and maintain proper distance of at least 2 meters from the people while talking to them.

Our safety lies in our own hands. In case of urgency and emergency, we must contact a specialized doctor and act on his/her advice without being doctors ourselves.

i) What does the phrase ‘Talk of the Town’ mean in the first line?
a) A thing being discussed by few persons in the town
b) A thing being discussed by many persons in the town
c) A thing being discussed by no one in the town
d) None of these

Answer : A thing being discussed by many persons in the town

ii) What is pandemic?
a) A widespread epidemic
b) Panacea
c) Vaccine
d) None of these

Answer : A widespread epidemic

iii) Find out the synonym of the word ‘Unaccustomed’ from the following?
a) Unusual
b) Familiar
c) Used to 
d) None of these

Answer : Unusual

iv) What should one do to stay away from Corona Virus?
a) Wash one’s hands frequently
b) Put on a mask properly
c) Sanitize our hands regularly
d) All of these

Answer : All of these

32. Answer the following questions on the based of the heading (Article) given below.

The number of crime cases has been rising day by day in your locality. Write an article on this issue in about 150 words. Do suggest corrective measure to deal with this problem.

i) Which of the following is the perfect heading/title for this article?
a) Steep Downfall in Crime
b) Steep Rise in Crime
c) Ebbing of Crime
d) None of these

Answer : Steep Rise in Crime

ii) Which of the following corrective measure must be added in this article?
a) Advise not to people to step out of their homes
b) Advise people to bear with the criminals
c) Advise people to not to be afraid of such goons and confront them by raising their voice
d) None of these

Answer : Advise people to not to be afraid of such goons and confront them by raising their voice

iii) This article should be begun with
a) A detailed introduction of the writer
b) A brief introduction of the problem
c) A subtle introduction of the problem
d) None of these

Answer : A brief introduction of the problem

iv) How should this article be concluded?
a) By advising people to raise their weapons
b) By advising people to support the administration
c) Bu advising people not to be scare but brave enough to face this problem
d) Both B and C

Answer : Both B and C

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