Extracts of A House Is Not a Home | With Answers | Class 9 | English |


Extracts of A House Is Not a Home | With Answers | Class 9 | English | NCERT

Extract 1

She was never far from me. I had rescued her when she was a kitten, and somehow she knew that I was the one responsible for giving her ‘the good life’ my mother kept stoking the fire to keep the house nice and warm. Suddenly, I smelled something strange, and then I noticed it… smoke pouring in through the seams of the ceiling. The smoke began to fill the room so quickly that we could barely see.

Q1. Who does ‘ She’ Refer to in the first line of the paragraph?

Ans:  ‘She’ refers to the writer’s pet cat.

Q2. Who had rescued whom and when?

Ans:  The writer had rescued the cat when it was a kitten.

Q3. What does the writer mean by ‘the good life’?

Ans:  By ‘the good life’ writer means ‘the comforts of life’.

Q4.  What happened all of a sudden?

Ans: The house of the author was set on fire.

Q5.  What did the author notice?

Ans : The author noticed a strange smell and smoke coming through the seams of the ceiling.

Q6.  Who is the author of A House is Not a Home?



Extract 2

I was about to run after her when I felt a large hand hold me back. It was a fireman. I hadn’t even noticed that the street had already filled with fire trucks. I was trying to free myself from his grasp, yelling, “You don’t understand, my mother’s in there!” He held on to me while other firefighters ran into the house. He knew that I wasn’t acting very logically and that if he were to let go, I’d run. He was right.

Q1. Who does ‘her’ refer to in the first sentence of the paragraph?

Ans: The word ‘her’ refers to mother of the author.

Q2. What did the fire man do and why?

Ans:  The fireman stopped the author from getting inside the house because the house was on fire.

Q3. What did the author not notice?

Ans: The author didn’t notice that the street had already been filled with the fire trucks.

Q4. Write the meaning of the word ‘yelling’.

Ans: It means Screaming.

Extract 3

We had to borrow money from my grandparents because there were no credit cards, cash or even any identification to be able to withdraw money from the bank. Everything had gone up in smoke. That week the rubble that used to be our house was being cleared off the lot. Even though we had rented an apartment nearby, I would go over to watch them clear away debris, hoping that my cat was somewhere to be found.

Q1. Who did they have to borrow money from?

Ans They had to borrow money from author’s grandparents.

Q2. How had everything been lost?

Ans:  Everything had been lost because of the fire incident.

Q3. Find the antonym of the word ‘Lend’ in the given passage.

Ans: its antonym is ‘Borrow’.

Q4.  Why would the author go over to watch them clearing debris?

Ans: He was going there in hope of finding his cat.

Q5. Why they were not able to withdraw money from the bank?

Ans: They were not able to withdraw money from the bank because they had lost the credit cards and the identity proofs.

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Extract 4

It always seems that bad news spreads quickly, and in my case it was no different. Everyone in high school, including the teachers, was aware of my plight. I was embarrassed as if somehow I were responsible. What a way to start off at a new school! This was not the kind of attention I was looking for. The next day at school, people were acting even more strange than usual. . I was getting ready for gym class at my locker. People were milling around me, asking me to hurry up. I thought it strange, but in the light of the past few weeks, nothing would surprise me. It almost seemed that they were trying to shove me into the gym — then I saw why. There was a big table set up with all kinds of stuff on it, just for me. They had taken up a collection and bought me school supplies, notebooks, all kinds of different clothes — jeans, tops, sweat suits.

Q1. What was everyone in the high school aware of?

Ans:  Everyone in the high school was about author’s plight.

Q2. Where was the author, when he was getting ready for the gym class?

Ans: He was at his locker, when he was getting ready for the gym class.

Q3.  Why were the student in hurry to send the author to the gym?

Ans: The students were in hurry to him to the gym because they had planned a surprise for him.

Q4.  What surprise was waiting for the author in the gym?

Ans:  There was big table set up for him with all kinds of stuffs which he required the most like school supplies, notebooks,  and all kinds of different clothes — jeans, tops, sweat suits.

Q5.  What do you mean by the word ‘embarrassed’?

Ans:  It means feeling ashamed or awkward especially in a social situation.

Extract 5

As I sat there with my friends and my cat curled up in my lap, all the overwhelming feelings of loss and tragedy seemed to diminish. I felt gratitude for my life, my new friends, the kindness of a stranger and the loud purr of my beloved cat. My cat was back and so was I.

Q1. How did the writer feel while sitting with his friends and his cat?

Ans:  It seemed to him that all the overwhelming feelings of loss had diminished.

Q2.  Who is the stranger referred to here?

Ans:  The stranger referred to the kind woman who had brought his cat back to him.

Q3.  What do you mean by the word ‘overwhelming’?

Ans:  Extremely great or strong.

Q4.  What do you mean by the word ‘Gratitude’?

Ans: The feeling of being grateful or of wanting to give your thanks to somebody.

Q5.  Why did the author say “My cat was back and so was”?

Ans: He got his cat back after he had lost all hope of finding it. He said that he was also back because he had a feeling of gratitude for his life now.


Extract 6

When I walked through what used to be my house after school that day, I was shocked to see how much damage there was — whatever hadn’t burned was destroyed by the water and chemicals they had used to put out the fire. The only material things not destroyed were the photo albums, documents and some other personal items that my mother had managed to heroically rescue.

Q1. Why was the author shocked?

Ans: He was shocked to see the destruction caused by fire to his house.

Q2.  What all thing were saved by his mother?

Ans: Some old photos and some important documents were saved by his mother.

Q3. Why did author’s mother risk her life?

Ans: She risked her life to save her late husband’s photos and some other important documents.

Q4. What do you mean by the word ‘Rescue’?

Ans: To save somebody/something from a situation that is dangerous or unpleasant.

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