Extracts of If I Were You | With Answers | Class 9 |


Extracts of If I Were You | With Answers | Class 9 | English | NCERT |

Extract 1

INTRUDER: Thanks a lot. You’ll soon stop being smart. I’ll make you crawl. I want to know a few things.

Q1. What is the name of the chapter?

Ans: The name of the chapter is ‘If I Were You’.

Q2. What is the name of the author ofIf I Were You?

Ans:  The name of the author is ‘Douglas James’.

Q3. Why does the intruder think that Gerrard was being smart?

Ans: The intruder has threatened to kill Gerrard but Gerrard continued to talk to him in a light hearted mood.

Q4. When, according to the intruder, would Gerrard stop being smart?

Ans: When he would make Gerrard crawl.

Q5. How does Gerrard make fool of the intruder?

Ans: Gerrard doesn’t get scared of the intruder; he plays a trick on him and gets him arrested.

Q6. What do you mean by the word ‘Crawl’?

Ans:  To move forward on hands and knees.


Extract 2

At last a sympathetic audience! I’ll tell you the story of my life. How as a child I was stolen by the gypsies, and why at the age of thirty-two, I find myself in my lonely Essex cottage, how …

Q1. Who is the speaker of these lines?

Ans: Gerrard is the speaker of these lines.

Q2. Who has entered the speaker’s house?

Ans: An intruder has entered the speaker’s house.

Q3. Why does he say,” At last a sympathetic audience!”?

Ans:  He says this to win confidence of the listener.

Q4. What was the tone of speaker in the given lines?

Ans:  His tone was sarcastic.

Extract 3

That’s a lie. You’re not dealing with a fool. I’m as smart as you and smarter, and I know you run a car. Better be careful, wise guy!

Q1. Who speaks this line to whom?

Ans: This line was spoken by the intruder to Gerrard.

Q2. What is the occasion?

Ans: The intruder has broken into Gerrard’s house and he is threatening Gerrard.

Q3. Why has the intruder broken into Gerrard’s house?

Ans:  He finds Gerrard looks quite like him; he wanted to kill Gerrard and take on his identity.

Q4. What is Gerrard’s profession?

Ans:  His profession is related to the theater.

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Extract 4

I’m not taking it for fun. I’ve been hunted long enough. I’m wanted for murder already, and they can’t hang me twice.

Q1. Who speaks these lines and to whom?

Ans: The intruder spoke these lines to Gerrard.

Q2. What is he not taking for fun?

Ans:  He is not taking fun for killing Gerrard.

Q3. Why does the speaker say,” they can’t hang me twice”?

Ans: The intruder has killed a cop. He was expected to be hanged for this crime. Now he has planned to kill Gerrard also that is why he said,” they can’t hang me twice”.

Q4. Write the antonym of the word ‘Enough”.

Ans: Insufficient

Extract 5

This is your big surprise. I said you wouldn’t kill me and I was right. Why do you think I am here today and gone tomorrow, never see trades people? You say my habits would suit you. You are a crook. Do you think I am a Sunday-school teacher? The game’s up as far as I’m concerned. Things went wrong with me. I said it with bullets and got away. Unfortunately they got one of my men, and found things the fool should have burnt. Tonight I’m expecting trouble.

Q1. Who is Gerrard talking to?

Ans:  He is talking to an intruder.

Q2. What reason does Gerrard give for living there?

Ans:  He says that he is living there in order to hide himself from the police.

Q3. What trait of Gerrard is revealed in these lines?

Ans: He proved himself to be clever and quick –witted.

Q4. What is the meaning of the word ‘Crook’?

Ans: The meaning of the word ‘Crook’ is ‘a criminal’.

Q5. What is the full name of Gerrard?

Ans: His full name is Vincent Charles Gerrard.

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