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Extracts of The Beggar | With Answers | Class 9 | English |NCERT

Extract 1

The advocate, Sergei, looked at the ragged, fawn-colored overcoat of the suppliant, at his dull, drunken eyes, at the red spot on either cheek, and it seemed to him as if he had seen this man somewhere before. “I have now had an offer of a position in the province of Kaluga,” the mendicant went on, “but I haven’t the money to get there. Help me kindly; I am ashamed to ask, but — I am obliged to by circumstances.”

Q1. What is name of the chapter?

Ans: The name of the chapter is The Beggar.

Q2. Who is the author of The Beggar?

Ans: ANTON CHEKHOV is the author of this chapter.

Q3. What was the suppliant wearing?

Ans: He was wearing a ragged, fawn colored overcoat.

Q4.  How did the advocate feel on seeing the suppliant?

Ans: He felt as if he had seen the man somewhere before.

Q5. Find a word that means the same as ‘beggar’ in the above given passage.

Ans: Suppliant

Q6.  Write the meaning of the word ‘ashamed’.

Ans:  Guilt-ridden

Extract 2

“Look here, it seems to me I met you the day before yesterday in Sadovya Street,” he said; “but you told me then that you were a student who had been expelled, and not a village school teacher. Do you remember?” “N-no, that can’t be so,” mumbled the beggar, taken aback. “I am a village school teacher, and if you like I can show you my papers.”

Q1.  Who is speaking to whom in this passage?

Ans:  Sergei, the advocate, is speaking to the beggar.

Q2. Did the speaker believe what the other fellow had said?

Ans:  No, He didn’t believe what the other fellow(Beggar) had said.

Q3. What did the beggar say about himself?

Ans: He said he was a student who had been expelled.

Q4.  Write the meaning of the word ‘expelled’.

Ans: To send something out by force.

Extract 3

Sergei’s anger had vanished and he now began to feel a little sorry and ashamed of himself for having set a spoiled, drunken, perhaps sick man to work at menial labour in the cold. An hour later Olga came in and announced that the wood had all been chopped. “Good! Give him half a rouble,” said Sergei. “If he wants to he can come back and cut wood on the first day of each month. We can always find work for him.”

Q1.  Had Sergei been angry with the other man?

Ans: Yes, he had been angry with the other man.

Q2.  How was he feeling now about him?

Ans: He was now feeling deep pity and sympathy for him.

Q3. What kind of work had he set the ‘Sick man’ to?

Ans:  He had set him to work at menial labour.

Q4.  Write the meaning of the word ‘vanished’.

Ans: To disappear


Extract 4

Then one evening, as Sergei was standing at the ticket window of a theater paying for his seat, he noticed a little man beside him with a coat collar of curly fur and a worn sealskin cap. This little individual timidly asked the ticket seller for a seat in the gallery and paid for it in copper coins. “Lushkoff, is that you?” cried Sergei, recognizing in the little man his former wood-chopper. “How are you? What are you doing? How is everything with you?” “All right, I am a notary now and am paid thirty-five roubles a month.

Q1. What was Sergei doing at the ticket window?

Ans: He was buying a ticket for a seat in the theater.

Q2. What was the little man wearing?

Ans He was wearing a coat with a collar of curly fur and a worn sealskin cap.

Q3. How did the little man pay and for what?

Ans: The little man paid in copper coins for a seat in the theater.

Q4. What do you mean by the word ‘Former’?

Ans :  it means ‘of an earlier time’.

Q5. What do you understand by ‘Roubles’?

Ans: The basic monetary unit of Russia.

Extract 5

Thank you for your kind words and deeds. I am very grateful to you and to your cook. God bless that good and noble woman! You spoke finely then, and I shall be indebted to you to my dying day; but, strictly speaking, it was your cook, Olga, who saved me.”

Q1. Who spoke these lines to whom?

Ans: These lines were spoken by the beggar to Sergei.

Q2. Why does the speaker thank?

Ans: He thanked to Sergei for his kind words and deeds.

Q3. Who was Olga?

Ans: She was Sergei’s cook.

Q4. What do you mean by the word ‘indebted’?

Ans;  It means ‘very grateful to somebody’.

Q5. Who is ‘I’? Who is he talking to and where?

Ans: Here ‘I’ is referred to Lushoff and he is talking to Sergei his former employer and mentor. Both of them were at the ticket counter of the theater at the time of conversation

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