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Essay on Food Adulteration 

What is Food Adulteration?

Food adulteration is the act of adding inferior substances to food in order to make it more profitable. This is done by adding cheaper ingredients or by adding chemicals that change the appearance or taste of the food. It is one of the problems that has been a major concern in India for many years.

What do Businesses Adulterate?

Businesses, in order to increase their products, often add cheaper ingredients to food items such as; adding water to milk, boric acids to spices and sandy objects to rice. This malpractice leads to serious health issues for the people consuming those products and can also reduce the nutritional values of the food. 

What is FSSAI?

The agency in India that keeps an eye on the adulteration is The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). It makes a lot of efforts in order to cut down the number of incidence of food adulteration in India. Despite FSSAI’s ceaseless efforts, food adulteration has been rising in the country day by day. There is hardly any day when such cases of adulteration are not reported in India.

Ways to Curb Down the Incidence of Food Adulteration

It’s the high time that consumers take steps to make sure that they are eating healthy food that is safe for their health. They must keep a check on the edibles they have been consuming and the track records of the vendors. If found suspicious, the cases must be reported to the concerned authorities or taken to Consumer Courts of India. Besides, the government must find out the culprits, who just for the sake of little money, play with the lives of innocent people and send them behind the bars. This way, adulteration can be curbed.

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